Second Saturday

I have tomorrow off so today doesn’t really feel like Sunday to me. I slept in this morning and that seems to have set the tone for my day…sloooooooow. The best advice ever given to me was at a recruiting dinner for my husband. I was sitting next to one of the partners mr. fb was going to be working with and he was pretty loaded. Sometimes when I get nervous (which happens quite frequently), I fill up the space with talking. So I was talking about our upcoming honeymoon to Maui and asking him where we should go while during the vacation. He looked at me for a while. Took a drink from his glass. And he told me to “slow down.” At the time I was kind of pissed off. I mean, I was trying to have a conversation with this guy that I barely knew who was wasted off his ass! I never thought that his advice would be so important. So today, I’m slowing down. Thanks Frank. I owe you one.

That being said, slowing down for me might not be the same for you. I got up, puttered around the kitchen, read the paper and ate some breakfast then went to play tennis with the hubs. When we got back, I still had some extra energy so I went out for a quick run to do some thinking. We are in the process of deciding where to move and a big part of it has to do with my career and what direction I want to take. I have a lot of thinking to do.

I ended up going a bit longer than anticipated. I went 5 miles, got cleaned up and suddenly felt totally ravenous. So I made several bowls of food. One had veggies, hummus, tobasco, parsely, avocado and roasted kabocha. Another had 1/4 cup of rice heated up, some cinnamin, a couple pieces of pan fried plantain that I cooked then smashed into little flat rounds and some more avocado. I also had half of a homemade pretzel and a pink lady apple. The more embarrassing part is: I’m not that full…I mean, really?

Have some errands to do then hoping to read a bit. I just finished Andre Agassi’s book, Open. I highly recommend it. Fascinating but also really fun. And well written to boot.
Have a great Sunday….or second Saturday if you have tomorrow off, too.


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