Coming back to life

Blagh. So I did get the plague from my hubs. Yucko. I made it through Friday ok, then went to my conference all day on Saturday. I even went to TJ’s all by myself (which I don’t usually because it is a cluster every time I go). I was starting to feel pretty fatigued by Saturday night but shook it off Sunday morning and managed to run a pretty good 10 miler with hill repeats.

And then. I. Crashed.

I sort of remember the rest of Sunday. I guess I had this for dinner:

Veggie sausage with spicy green beans and sauerkraut. I think it was delicious.

I woke up Monday in full funk. Fevers and all. I always feel so guilty calling in sick but I knew that when I couldn’t even make it upstairs to workout that I was not going to make it to work. I almost NEVER miss a workout. So I called in and then went back to bed. For the rest of the day. I got up and finished Born to Run then went back to sleep.

Ok so in full disclosure, I actually attempted to do some elliptical. It was brutal. So I talked myself into doing like 10 minutes of yoga and went back to bed. Then I slept all night. Feeling like I’m on the mend today. I went to take a picture of dinner and the camera battery was dead. It’s just been one of those days. I felt good enough to lope around the block for 6 this morning before work and somehow made it through a grueling pilates workout tonight after work. My legs are killin me–I will definitely be sore tomorrow. If you have’t tried the pilates reformer you are really missing out. It’s almost like a weights workout.

Dinner tonight was some homemade pesto with the usual roasted veggies (parsnips, eggplant, zucchini, brussels sprouts and some random mushrooms), some heirloom baby tomatoes, capers, broccoli slaw and some kalamata olives. It probably sounds nasty but it’s is SO GOOD all in one bowl mixed together. Yum!

2 cups basil
2 cups arugula
4 T pine nuts
3ish T parm
2 small garlic cloves
salt and pepper to taste
Put everything in the food processor and let ‘er rip for a good couple of minutes until it’s all incorporated. If you let it go a few minutes more it gets a nice whipped consistency. For some heat, add a jalepeno. Yum!

Looking forward to humpday tomorrow!
What meal do you always look forward to?


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