Morning Sunshine

I peeled myself out of bed at 6 this morning so I could go for a quick 5 miler before work. This morning was ab-so-lute-ly beautiful. The sun was rising over the mountains and you could see the snow caps. I ran up to this bluff area that overlooks the marina and you could see a clear view all the way up to Malibu. It definitely made my run go fast getting to look at so much beauty.

I notice a distinct difference in my mood if the sun is shining. I’m more positive and seem to have more energy. On overcast days it’s like I just want to hibernate. Strangely here in SoCal we have a lot of gloomy days in the early summer. They call it June gloom. We’ve had a rainy winter (for us) so far this year so it’s been gloomy a lot lately. I was so thankful for the sun this morning.

Made it through work with only a little lingering fatigue from the flu I’ve had. Got home and did some yoga and then got dinner going:

One of my faves for sure.
Morningstar veggie patty cooked with some thin sliced red onion doused with tabasco and topped with 2 types of mustard, ketchup and diced avocado.
Sweet potato oven fries with garlic, a touch of parmesan and a sprinkle of truffle oil.
Random crudite.
And this:

Chocolate beer. Seriously. It wasn’t too chocolately but the flavor actually enhanced my burger. The only kind of beer I really like at all is a dark stout that is almost room temp. It’s delicious. I have no tolerance so a tiny half pint will do me fine.

Think we’re going to watch some dvr’d stuff tonight. I taped Man vs. Food last night–a 2 hour episode. Jeez. I’m not sure I can take that much of Adam. And I’m afraid that the show totally jumped the shark last season. We shall see.

My goal for the next little while is to show gratitude on a daily basis. Today it’s the sun in the sky.
What are you grateful for?


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