So after it raining buckets Friday and most of Saturday, this morning was truly intoxicatingly beautiful. The sky was blue, the sun shining and the air crisp and cool. Perfect running weather. I went for a too short 8 mile run this morning while Hubs shopped for the last few things necessary for his Superbowl feast. I’m hoping to get him to do a guest post about it…

But to rewind. Friday was yucky outside but I managed to make it to the cardio jumpboard pilates class after downing a bowl of rice with an egg white, avocado and bok choy with ginger and oyster sauce. I added some hot sauce as well. Yum!

My b.i.l. went with me and man what a workout we had. We are both still sore from it. The rest of day was spent doing errands, some work and a whole lot of cooking. We decided that a mediterranean meal would be delicious. I had planned on making tabouleh, hummus, tzatziki and falafel…but alas, time got away from me. Three out of four ain’t bad though.

In lieu of the falafel, I had the hubs pan fry some pork tenderloin for him and his bro. I generally don’t dig on swine. Mostly because it never sits well with my precarious digestive system.
Everything turned out great. I also heated up some pitas and got out the olives and pickled turnips.

We also tried this beer. I had about a half cup just to taste. The alcohol content was like 10% so even though I only had a few sips I could feel it. Hubs thought it tasted like “soda pop” in a good way. It was heavily carbonated for sure. And a tad too hoppy for my liking.

Saturday was fun and busy. I went for my 10 miler in the morning then we met up with a friend from college and his girlfriend for lunch. They came out from Chicago to run the Huntington Beach marathon and half marathon. I was totally jealous. We went to Ford’s Filling Station for a late brunch. The restaurant is owned and run by Harrison Ford’s son, Ben. It’s sort of like comfort pub food, which was great for a cold rainy day. I had an (unpictured–oops!) bowl of roasted tomato soup and a salad with greens, fennel, leek and tomato. The soup was warm and spicy. The salad was just eh.

We had a bunch of errands to run, including a trip to the butcher and Whole Foods, for supplies to make hub’s brisket for the Superbowl. Then we got dressed up and met up with friends for dinner at Sol Cucina, a mexican joint in Newport Beach.

The food was freakin’ fantastic!

roast squash filled with pork carnitas, chayote, fingerling potatoes, seasonal greens & our mole verde, with charred tomatillo and pepitas without meat (vegan)
I had the vegan version.
Hubs had this:

heirloom pork slow-roasted & shredded, served en cazuela with diced avocado, white onion, cilantro, raw tomatillo salsa & warm corn tortillas
The man loves him some tasty heirloom pork.

The food was almost as good as the company–thanks Katie and Craig!

Now it’s time to hang out with the boys and watch some football. Go Saints!


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