Last Hurrah

We are officially empty nesters again. The b.i.l. left early this morning with his car all packed up. It was only sagging a bit.

Last night was really fun. We made Bibimbap and it turned out delicious.

One cup of rice placed in a hot stone bowl
Add in whatever veggies you like.
We added sauteed mushrooms, lotus root, pickled cukes and pea shoots.
Add in some hot sauce if you like.
Place the stone bowl on the burner and turn it on to high.
Crack open your egg and mix everything together and let the mixture get hot so the sides get crispy.

Hubs also made his Korean bbq beef short ribs as well. I tried to make a version of them with some tuna and somehow it turned out very very fishy. We enjoyed our meal with some sake and the boys had some Sapporo as well. We laughed and laughed and remembered some of the great times we had over the last 6 months.

Commemorating the silly song, “Yeah, Ok.”

Being silly. That’s how we foodbins roll.
Then we hit up yogilicious for some tasty yogurt. Somehow I brought my camera and still didn’t remember to take a picture. Bad blogger!

In the past I’ve had the biggest container of desert. But I’ve learned that after a couple of bites the sugar starts to make me feel like ick. So I try to restrain. Last night I had a mix of cake batter, dulce de leche, tarro root and chocolate. I put a bunch of toppings on like a couple brownie bites, white choco chips, an animal cookie (random but delicious) and a couple of the cookie dough bites. Hubs and I are so sensitive to so much sweet stuff that we only go to a place like this about once every 2-3 months so I try to really enjoy it when we go.

I did notice, though, on my run this morning that my legs felt like bricks and it was so hard to get up to my usual speed. I slogged through my 10 miles. At least it was sunny out.

Tonight we’re going to see my good friend Katelyn in a play called Love Letters. Tonight is a sort of preview for the spring when she’ll do the show with Ben Vereen. I guess this is sort of a pseudo Valentine’s date tonight. We’re planning on cooking something fun for tomorrow though.

Are you watching the Olympics? What is your favorite winter event?


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  1. I love that silly picture of you guys 😀

    Mmm…that looks like a bowl of goodness!

    I watched some of the Olympics, the downhill skiing, womens. That’s about it.

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