The Talented Mr. Foodbin

After just having played tennis for almost an hour (more on that in a minute), FB is out for a quick run. And since I told her I would do a guest post last weekend for Super Bowl Sunday and crapped out on it, now seems like as good a time as any to rectify the situation.

But first a couple of brief preliminaries– your italics-voiced narrator is (of course) Mr. FB, proud husband of the purveyor of this fine blog. And it’s somewhat amusing to me that I am posting at all because I was not particularly enthusiastic about this whole endeavor for at least a couple of reasons. I am not a follower of blogs, and in terms of television viewing we have been trying to cut down on the voyeuristic components of how we spend our free time (i.e. no more Survivor, Apprentice, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, etc., etc.). I don’t want to look back and think I spent half of my life watching TV, but I really don’t want to look back and think I spent half of my live watching other people live their lives on TV, particularly when they are the kind of people who tend to appear on TV.

Plus I’m pretty guarded about what I share with the world– I don’t make myself available on myspace, facebook, etc. largely because I like people who’ve lost touch with me to wonder where I am and what I might be doing rather than to actually know.

But having said that…

I’m getting on board with this whole thing because (a) it’s relatively anonymous, (b) I like the idea of having a record of things we’ve done and experienced, (c) I’m narcissistic enough to believe that people should be interested in what I have to say, and (d) I like to write but don’t get motivated enough to do it for fun on a regular basis otherwise. [Can you tell my job puts a premium on organization of thoughts and list-making?]

But I don’t want to get carried away at least on the first post. So I’ll cover three things quickly and turn the keyboard back over to FB.

First [the list-making thing again], some brief highlights from the Super Bowl. I bought a freshly trimmed brisket from a local butchershop and brined it to make corned beef. Since I only had overnight to brine it, it wasn’t as pickled as I’d like, but still turned out nicely. Corned beef sandwiches are one of my Super Bowl traditions. The other is having some sort of game to play– this year I did a quick trivia deal with a Father/Son theme inspired by Archie Manning’s former team playing his son’s current team:

1) Who had the least passing yards in their rookie season in the NFL (1,043):
a) Archie Manning
b) Peyton Manning (son of Archie)
c) Eli Manning (son of Archie)

2) After his son (Frank Jr.) was returned from a childhood kidnapping incident, from then on Frank Sinatra always carried which of the following with him:
a) Dimes for payphone calls with the perps
b) Pencil and paper for taking instructions re: ransom, etc.
c) The rosary he used to pray for Frankie’s return
d) Frankie’s First Communion picture

3) Which of the following are father-son Oscar winners (more than one answer may apply)?
a) Kirk Douglas (“Champion” – 1949, “The Bad and the Beautiful” – 1952, and “Lust for Life” – 1956) and Michael Douglas (“Wall Street” – 1987)
b) Walter Huston (“The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” – 1948) and John Huston (“The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” – 1948)
c) Henry Fonda (“On Golden Pond” – 1981) and Peter Fonda (“Ulee’s Gold” – 1997)
d) Raymond Massey (“Abe Lincoln” – 1940) and Daniel Massey (“Star!” – 1980)
e) Carmine Coppola (“The Godfather Part II” – 1974) and Francis Ford Coppola (“Patton” – 1970, “The Godfather” – 1972, “The Godfather Part II” – 1974)
f) None of the above

4) Put the percentage of popular vote received by George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush in order for their respective presidential elections:
a) 47.9% (W. 2000), 48.4% (H.W. 1992), 50.7% (W. 2004), 53.4% (H.W. 1988)
b) 37.5% (H.W. 1992), 47.9% (W. 2000), 50.7% (H.W. 1988), 53.4% (W. 2004)
c) 47.9% (H.W. 1992), 48.4% (W. 2000), 50.7% (H.W. 1988), 53.4% (W. 2004)
d) 37.5% (H.W. 1992), 47.9% (W. 2000), 50.7% (W. 2004), 53.4% (H.W. 1988)

5) Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar are related in which of the following ways (more than one may apply):
a) Father-Son
b) Adoptive Father-Son
c) Great Uncle-Grand Nephew
d) Grandfather-Grandson
e) Third cousins, twice removed
f) No family relationship

6) Which of the following Nobel prize father-son winners shared the same prize?
a) Niels Bohr and Aage N. Bohr (Physics)
b) William Bragg and Lawrence Bragg (Physics)
c) Arthur Kornberg and Roger D. Kornberg (Chemistry)
d) Manne Siegbahn and Kai M. Siegbahn (Physics)
e) J. J. Thomson and George Paget Thomson (Physics)
f) Hans von Euler-Chelpin and Ulf von Euler (Medicine)

7) According to the Book of Genesis, who lived the longest (at 180 years):
a) Abraham
b) Isaac (son of Abraham)
c) Ishmael (son of Abraham)
d) Jacob (son of Isaac)
e) Hadad (son of Ishmael)

Who has a higher percentage of KO’s in their professional boxing career, and what is that ratio:
a) Muhammad Ali
b) Laila Ali

Ratio: ____ Wins, ____ KO’s

If anyone is interested in the answers, comment with your best guesses and I’ll post the answers. The winner last Sunday had 3 right plus the tie-breaker person correct, so I think I made it too hard [that’s what she said].

Second, last night before heading out to see Love Letters, I worked my grilled cheese magic,
and also made some Firecracker Green Beans (flashfry for 2 minutes in very hot pan with Mongolian Fire Oil and Chili-Garlic Paste). Grilled cheese magic requires butter (2 ways) and truffle salt. Of course truffle salt makes just about anything magic. We paired dinner with a very nice Cappuccino Stout from Lagunitas… a California brewery that never disappoints.

Finally, this morning we took advantage of the weather’s return to sunny and 70s by trekking over to the tennis court. I’ve been having some muscle strain issues on my right side, so I hit left-handed. The left-handed forehand isn’t too bad (I’d been experimenting with it anyway because it gives me more reach on the run), but the one-handed, left-handed backhand is a whole different story. FB was impressed, but it clearly wasn’t much of a workout since she promptly headed out for that run afterwards.


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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! 🙂
    I’m pretty guarded too…and I only recently just started being able to post pictures of myself…but you’ll find that the blogging community is altogether warm and very inviting….I’ve met some pretty amazing friends through blogging, and I hope you do too!

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