Lucky No. 13

I knew it. I just knew that the hubs’ blog entry would be far more interesting than mine. I guess that’s par for the course. Yeah, that’s right, I’m jealous. His job requires a ton of writing and mine does not so that’s my excuse. In general, though, he’s much more creative than I am. That’s one of the reasons I love him.

Today is our 13th dating anniversary. The day after Valentine’s day–strange, eh? Well, he actually asked me out for Valentine’s day but I already had a date. Even so, he still brought me flowers that day and said he’d see me the next night. And it was the most fun I’d ever had on a date. Funny because we had to wait like 2 hours to get a table at the restaurant we went to (it was Sadie Hawkins at the high school and apparently, this restaurant was THE place to be) then when hubs ordered his steak, they were all out. He ended up with the scallops. And me. We laughed for hours and hours. The rest is history.

Warning! following content is sap-filled. Continue at your own risk!
Here are my top 13 reasons I love my talented Mr. Foodbin:
1. He makes me laugh.
2. He has an adventurous soul.
3. He is a wonderful cook.
4. He takes me to see dance productions although he doesn’t really love to watch dance.
5. He frequently moons me when I least expect it (see no. 1)
6. He’s ok to being married to someone who enjoys the humor of a 12 year old boy (see no. 5).
7. He tells me I look great even when we both know that I don’t.
8. He’s supportive even when I want to move to another state, get a job there, and then back out.
9. He’s sensitive in a manly way.
10. He described a book we were reading in a college class as “flowery” and to this day defends the adjective.
11. He is stubborn (see no. 10).
12. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known.
13. He’s my best friend.

And I could come up with a million more reasons.

On to the food! Valentine’s Day was super sexy. We cleaned and organized the kitchen for like 3 hours and finally figured out it was dinner time and didn’t have anything to make. So we ordered this:

We had a carpet picnic while we watched the Olympics and ate our Thai take-out.
Spicy basil chicken, Emerald green curry with veggies and chicken, fresh spring rolls, mixed veggies and brown rice. It was delicious and I ate WAY too much. Are your eyes ever bigger than your stomach? My dad has been telling me that mine are since I was a little kid. I can pack it in I tell ya.

We also tried Gnarley Wine from Lagunitas.

Their website has what hubs and I thought a spot on description of this barley wine beer:
Olde GnarlyWine
The Annual Release of our BarleyWine Style Ale is Dated and Built to Last. Flavors Evolve as Hop Bitterness Yields to Crazy Caramel and Rich Toffee Flavors. ABV 10-12%

We’ll definitely get this one again. Though I do love my stouts, this was a bit reminiscent of a stout in its finish. Usually I hate bitterness but the front end was only subtely bitter.

We also watched Doubt. We both loved it. Hubs said it was one of the best movies he’s seen in a long time which means a lot coming from him. Of course the acting was suberb and the story was taut. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

We slept in this morning and went for a long walk in the bluffs that overlooks the ocean. It’s ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous out today. Came back and made my usual lunch and we sat and ate outside. We’re planning a fun dinner tonight: polenta with parm and mushrooms and filet for him, salmon for me. And some vino obviously!


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