Food for Thought

I see my acupuncturist every other week and have been getting treatment since 2006. I think today was like treatment #84. It’s done a world of good for me in so many ways. Lest you think that acupuncture needles feels like this:

It doesn’t. The needles are like little hairs and you cannot feel them once they are in. So it’s more like this:

This morning I had to get my blood drawn (fasting–yuck) then head over to my acupuncture appointment. I had my Awake tea while driving to the office. When I got there I had some 2% greek yogurt with a little protein powder, a sprinkle of dried goji berries, blubs, 1/2 teaspoon each of Matcha powder and Maca powder. Sure it was green, but it was really delicous. Maybe more than usual because I had to wait so long to eat breakfast this morning. I also munched a small pink lady apple.

I went to the restroom at my acupuncturist’s office (no this is not going to get nasty) and came across a fantastic poem that she posted in there and thought I’d share it.

The Contradictions of Life
We have to embrace infinity inside a mortal body.

We have to believe in a God we can’t see.

We have to learn to love in a dimension where there is so much hatred.

We have to see abundance when people constantly talk of shortages and lack.

We have to discover freedom where control is the state religion.

We have to develop self-worth while people criticize and belittle us.

We have to see beauty where there is ugliness.

We have to embrace kindness and positive attitudes when surrounded by uncertainty.

We have to feel safe in spite of our concerns.

We have to find balance in a severely unbalanced world.
(from Weight Loss For The Mind, by Stuart Wilde.

I thought this was a wonderful way to really focus my day. Today I’m going to have the intention to treat myself and others with kindness. The others part always seems a little easier than the self part.
How will you be kind to yourself today?



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3 responses to “Food for Thought

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  2. That is a refreshing read first thing in the morning (and might just make up for your delayed feeding–I hate the fasting!). Today is already a challenge for me, so I will try to continue to nourish my body, despite any physical or mental pangs that may suggest otherwise. (For some reason, I use physical discomfort to mentally screw me up.)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog so I could find yours. I’m glad acupuncture helped so much! I am going to try to find a way to continue.

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