I never really woke up today. Does that ever happen to you? I mean, I drove to work, worked, ate lunch, worked and drove home and wow. What did I do today? Honestly, I have no idea.

One really nice thing happened today. This morning as I was trying to unfuzzy my brain with some Tazo tea, a co-worker called me to the front desk because a client had dropped off a gift for me: a beautiful flower arrangement in a lovely vase. I was really taken aback. I never get flowers at work. Ever. That really made my day lighter, although not less fuzzy.

I started out with a zombie-like workout and spent some time doing this:

That is NOT me–obviously. But I can wish….

Then I did a little of this:

Although I admit to having the humor of a little boy, again, that is NOT me.

Because I was so fuzzed out today, I wasn’t really sure WHO I was/am but somehow made it through the day.

My eats involved the usual:

Yogurt only the Incredible Hulk could love.

Lunch was unpictured: roasted kabocha, roasted beet, brown rice, egg white, hot sauce, various mustards, celery, all mixed together which made it a lovely reddish color. And of course, no lunch of mine is complete without my apple.

Dinner will likely be Southwestern turkey burgers with spicy green beans. Hubs bought us a new wok and it is AWESOME. He seasoned it yesterday and we’re itching to use it for the beans. I hope to review it soon.

What do you do to un-fuzz yourself on days that you can’t wake up? Or do you just try to survive it and hope for the best?



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2 responses to “Sleepwalking

  1. This kind of cracked me up because I use the term “fuzzy” to mean a bit tipsy. For me, I get “fuzzy” from just smelling liquor, so I’m a cheap date. Anyway, I say “fuzzy,” friends think “tipsy.” Come to think of it, if I went to work fuzzy, it might make it more bearable…but I digress.

    Some days are just like that. You can sleep the same amount, rest/workout the same amount, eat the same amount, etc. as any other day and still feel like you’ve been hit with a hog tranquilizer. Those days, you gotta just go with it. Your body may be trying to tell you something (or maybe your husband slipped a hog tranquilizer in your squash…)

    Now I’m just not making sense. Anyway, those days make things a bit more difficult, but they too shall pass. At least you have beautiful flowers–they make my heart smile, especially in winter.

  2. lol, I totally have zombie modes too, and usually those are the days in which I 1) did not get enough sleep for days or 2) have classes one right after the other for 6 hours or 3) did not go out for a morning run.

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