Runnin’ on E

Wow,  what a week. It’s like I blinked and it is Friday. Have you heard the song, Running to Stand Still, by U2? That’s kind of how it was if that makes any sense.

But it was a good week, overall. My b.i.l. was here for the week; my fingers are crossed that he’ll get the job out here. Here’s a quick and dirty recap of some of the week:

Monday: workout, work, dentist (no cavities–thank god!), dinner, bed.

Tuesday: a wonderful 6.5 mile run in the morning followed by a slightly harried day at work and instead of my usual pilates class that evening, we went out to this restaurant, in downtown LA. I didn’t take photos at the dinner because it was a business thing for my hubs. The restaurant, Church and State, is a french bistro. We were a few minutes late so some apps were waiting for us when we arrived. It kind of looked like this:

Fried pigs ears

I did not dig on the swine.

I ended up with a somewhat bland salad and a disappointing petit plate of sea bass with chanterelles and asparagus with a lemon confit. But WTF?!? How could that be disappointing? I know, right? But it was. The taste was alright but nothing really popped the way it should have.

4 hours later, we were home (yes, a 3 1/2 hour dinner) and I was STARVING. So I had some random snacks: an apple, some almond butter and a couple squares of dark chocolate. And I ended up missing my window. Does that ever happen to you? Missing my sleep window totally sucks. I made up for it the next night though–thank you, ambien!

Wednesday was a blur. Not in a bad way, though.

Thursday was actually an amazing day for me, energy wise. I felt like I jumped out of bed and was ready for my day. I took a gorgeous 6 mile run before work and sang in the car all the way to the office. I love to car karaoke! Someone I knew once saw me driving in my car and totally belting out a song–maybe Madonna?–and totally called me on it. Hilarious but also very embarrassing. That didn’t put an end to it though, thankfully. Why not sing as loud as I can in the car? It’s not like I can’t tell that I’m not Tori Amos.

I got home from work and decided to take a walk with my mom. I know it’s lame to walk and talk on your phone outside–I sometimes get annoyed when I see people doing that–but it was so nice to hear her voice and catch up. She teaches 6th grade and had some ridiculous stories to tell me. Needless to say, I was all smiles when I got home. Sometimes you just need your mom!

Dinner was greek style. Pork for my two fellas and veggie for me.

Seared pork tenderloin with spicy green beans and home made tzatziki

Boca burger sauteed with sliced onions, fennel, hot sauce and green beans and home made tzatziki

It was delicious and it’s such a quick dinner. I worked on the tzatziki while hubs did the pork and b.i.l. did the beans. Go Team!

For the last week, I’ve changed up my after dinner snack, which I will now officially call a desert. I want to say thank you thank you thank you to April for her protein brownie batter recipe and to Lindsay for her chocolate protein muffin recipe. I put them both together to get this:

Brownie batter, protein muffin, random almond butter and some almond milk spiked with whole milk

In the words of Adam Richman, Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness! That my friends, is da bomb! If you haven’t tried one or the other, it’s totally worth the effort.

Friday has been pretty darn good, too. B.i.l. went back home this morning but we’ll see him again soon. I had a great workout this morning on the elliptical then did some circuit weights. My acupuncture appointment went really well and I even broke down and got a facial (it’s been forever). My eats today have been delicious. Lunch was inspired by Sophia‘s delicious looking Coco-NUT-ty Sweet Potato & Brussel Sprout Hash. Mine was not nearly as exotic and awe-inspiring but pretty freakin’ good, nonetheless.

Sweet potato, brussels sprouts, fennel, onion, veggie sausage patty and egg

I ate the whole darn skillet-ful of this along with this:

Broccoli slaw, mustard and avocado waiting for the hash

I also had to have some fruit.

Kiwi and plum

I know, I’m a total hypocrite. The plum had a sticker on it that said it was from Chile but I bought it anyway. Very, very bad. Not local at all but tasty. It’s a work in progress, people. What else can I say?

This post was way too long (TWSS). Hubs is on his way home from a conference. TGIF!!

What will you do to refuel this weekend?



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2 responses to “Runnin’ on E

  1. Ah! I did not know you are in LA!
    We might have a blogger meet-up someday between 3/18-3/20…if you wanna join us, let me know?

    And woo hoo! Sweet potato & brussel sprouts hash rocks ass! 😀

  2. Ummm…what is it with pig ears lately? My boss tried them over the weekend too, but only because her boyfriend is Mexican and she lost a bet. Anyway…ewww. That said, no wonder you were hungry after that dinner, considering how clean it was with just fish and veggies. Where’s the carby goodness? I hate when restaurant meals disappoint (mostly because I’m cheap), but at least you could make up for it at home with some deliciousness, eh?

    I love Adam Richmond and singing in the car. Sometimes when I’m with my mom we’ll just start dancing like weirdos at red lights and people look at us like we’re crazy. They just wish they could car dance like we do, is all. At any rate, sounds like a productive weekend. Big props for listening to your body and not feeling confined to a schedule–with food, training or activities. C’est la vie!

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