Green Baby

I was supposed to be born on St. Patricks’s Day (many years ago now). My poor mother, I was so stubborn that I waited an extra week to come out. And even then, I needed lots of coaxing. That gives you an idea of the kind of Aries girl that I am.
If I had been born on time, my first foot prints may have looked like this:

To celebrate the Irish today, I focused on all things green. I started the day with my usual bright green yogurt concoction.

Greek yogurt with matcha, maca, stevia, goji berries, blubs and puffs

Lunch was leftover turkey burger with roasted veggies and some homemade pesto for that lovely green hue.

Wednesdays are my looooong days at work. When I got home, I put one of these babies in the oven:

I let that start roasting while showered and bustled around the house to get my stuff ready for tomorrow (this is somehow a necessary step before I can relax–another trait from my Dad! Very practical, I might add).
Dinner was lots of green veggies, avocado, Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger cooked with onion, fennel and hot sauce. I added copious amounts of 2 kinds of mustard and some random roasted parsnip, eggplant and zucchini as well as some tasty sweet potater oven rounds and called it dinner.
[oy vay–my computer just will NOT download my pics tonight–boo!]
That’s right, all served up in green dishware. I’m awesome, I know.
[seriously, it was a big green bowl and a square green dish with a little round dish of mustards and a squirt of ketchup]
Hubs is out at a business dinner tonight–I’m sure there will be plenty of stories about bacon deserts, etc. No green beer, though. For me, I’m going to hang out and maybe watch a movie that he wouldn’t usually want to watch (aka a cartoon of some sort–really mature, right?). Actually, I will probably just watch my beloved Gossip Girl. You know you love it.

For the next week I get to stew about what I want hubs to make me for my birthday dinner.
If you could have anything for your birthday dinner, what would it be?




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4 responses to “Green Baby

  1. Anything for my birthday dinner? Oooh…let’s see.
    I’d like fresh-baked bread with a platter of gourmet select cheeses. And then, a wonderful carbilicious pasta dish with lots of lovely cheese. And a lot of roasted veggies. And roasted kabocha!

  2. Hmmmm….anything….pizza with cheese bread!

  3. Hi Stephanie – thanks so much for your comment…will I meet you on Saturday? I hope so!

    Birthday Dinner – definitely the Swordfish Souvlaki from Petros Greek restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Since you are in LA you should check it out. One of my favorites!!

    • I am so sad that I can’t make it on Saturday. A close friend is having her baby shower down in Palos Verdes that afternoon. Next time though!

      Petros is one of my favorite places to eat. I haven’t had something I didn’t love there.

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