The Egg and I*

*this one’s for you, mom

We had to have dinner a tad early tonight because the hubs signed up for a harmonica class at the local community college. That’s right, you heard me. Harmonica. I’ve known for quite some time now that I’ve basically married a cowboy (I’m quite sure he was in a past life). He loves all things related to the cowboy life: horses, stetsons, sweet leather boots, guns, any and every “western” movie, even those made in other countries. And now, the harmonica. It’s pretty cute, though.

Back to dinner. We had to figure out something quick and easy so Eggs Bernedo it was.

Eggs Bernedo--just add tortillas and guac for complete deliciousness!

4 organic free range eggs
nub of chorizo
2 tbsp shredded cheese
warm tortillas
kick ass homemade guac

Homemade guacamole

We just cook up the chorizo then add the eggs, scramble for a sec and add the cheese. Voila! Eat with the warm tortillas and use copious amounts of crack guacamole.

I promised before that I’d tell the “Eggs Bernedo” story. A couple of years ago we took a really great trip to Spain and we were able to stay long enough to visit Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Bilbao, a town near the basque wine region. We thought it would be really romantic to rent a townhouse in a teeny tiny village and take day trips to the wineries nearby; hence the village of Bernedo.

Ysios Winery--unbelievable architecture and even better vino

I guess we didn’t really think things through, as teeny tiny villages are immensely abundant and the directions go something like this: take the 458 road to the turn-about and then take the 3rd left; take 679 road and the second turn-about then take the 2nd right, and on and on. Problem was, the turn-abouts had roads as options as well as what looked like very long driveways (that you couldn’t tell was a driveway until you drove way too far). You know where I’m going with this.

We were supposed to meet the owner at 7pm for her to let us in and give us the keys. We did not have access to a phone. We drove and drove. Then backtracked to a turn-about that we figured HAD to be the wrong turn. It was dark by now and there were no lightposts, the signs too hard to read and the tension in the car was hellacious. Somehow, finally, more than an hour late, we made it. Of course, we are both excellent worriers and had anxiety about how in the hell are we going to either a). find the owner and/or b). get into that house. We were STARVING!!

Our little home in Bernedo

Bernedo belltower...rings every quarter hour ALL NIGHT LONG....

So it turns out that this particular town is so small that the owner could see us from her home and was there in no time. We were burned out but so, so hungry. All we had were eggs, chorizo, a hunk of bread and a bottle of wine. Hubs scrambled up those eggs with the chorizo while I opened the wine and turned on Spanish Jeopardy (the host totally taunts the players; it was awesome!). We sat down and Eggs Bernedo was born. Talk about a par-tay in my mouth.

Now whenever we make it, I can’t help but think of Spain and how much fun we had. I cannot wait to go back. I could go on and on about Spain. If you have a chance to go, leap at it.

Evening drinks on our patio at the Fountainhead outside of Malaga

Bullfight in Seville

La Familia Sagrada...will it ever be completed?

Football game in Barcelona

Where have you travelled that you absolutely loved? Or where would you travel if given the opportunity?


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