Random Review

Happy Friday! So happy it’s the end of the week. It’s been a long one (TWSS). Today has been good so far. I got to go for a walk with the hubs this morning, then I got in a quick 30 minutes of weights before heading off to my acupuncture appointment. All I can say is: aaaaahhhhhh! Sweet relief. I can’t tell you how much my body responds to these treatments. If you have any digestive problems, I highly recommend giving it a try. And if you have any questions at all about acupuncture, please feel free to ask!

I just got done reading this book:

This was a fun and easy read. The book is comprised of 12 unique essays. I think my favorites were Scenes from My Life in Porn, Forever Fourteen, and Pat Dollard’s War on Hollywood. Evan Wright has a really self deprecating tone and at times, can make situations that shouldn’t be funny at all, be strangely hilarious. These stories are portraits of people who are part of “the lost tribes of America.” He is drawn to people on the fringe of society that make up the bowels of humanity. This is the kind of book that will make you think, wow, the people in my life are TOTALLY normal. In a good way.

No Segue Needed

Last Friday we met friends out at Akasha restaurant in Culver City, California. This restaurant is all about using local, organic and hand-crafted ingredients. The dining room looks like this:

It’s a cool place, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable because I’m not super mod or a hipster. Sometimes the servers and hosts at restaurants around here are way too cool for school. I do not dig on that.

The service was a tad slow but I think that had more to do with our party…really one person in particular who thrives on telling stories. Loud stories. Our poor waitress came by a couple of times before she cut in to ask for our orders.

I started with a salad of mixed greens, olives, fennel and olive oil poached tuna. I wasn’t sure if I would like the fish. I was worried it would be way too oily for me. Actually, though, it was light and melted in my mouth. And the lemony dressing was not over-powering the salad.

For my main dish, I ordered the Beluga Lentils and Greens. It came with beluga lentils (obviously), butternut squash, roasted mushrooms, braised local greens and jalapeno pesto. There was a little piece of crusty bread in the bowl as well. This was absolutely delicious. The flavors did not compete with each other but really played off one another. It was such a big dish that I couldn’t quite finish all the lentils–but god help me I tried!

I was pretty full but when one person wants desert, you know how that goes. Someone had the waitress pick 3 deserts for the 6 of us to taste. She did a pretty, pretty, prett-ay good job. Even though I wasn’t hungry, I tried them all anyway. And may I say Yum? We had a chocolate tart (may as well have been fudge) with a spoon of peanut butter ice cream. That was placed right in front of me…so good! We also had an assortment of mini cupcakes with a spoon of vanilla bean ice cream and an apple tart (like a crumble, really) with a spoon of cinnamon ice cream.

How cute is this mini cupcake?

Bumble bee cupcake

It tasted even better than it looked.

I only took one picture that night. So sue me. No, really, I had planned on capturing the whole meal but I wimped out. The only reason the cupcake picture happened is because we had already been at the restaurant for over 3 hours (a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour?!?) and between the other 5 diners they had downed 4 bottles of wine. That’s how my peeps roll. I abstained because wine the night before a run is not a good friend ‘o mine.

All in all, they let us stay at our table for 4 hours. Part of me wished they had wisked us out in 3 hours…but nevertheless. I highly recommend this restaurant and will go back really soon. Check out the menu. They have a lot of interesting and yummy sounding dishes.

I’m off to walk around the ‘hood with my little sis. This is going to be a busy weekend. And fun. I’ll tell you about it soon. I’m out!

What do you say to people when they notice you are taking pictures of the food you are about to eat?


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  1. oh yum! i’ve only been there once but it was delish!!!

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