That was the official start time of Spring this morning. And what a glorious first day here in SoCal. I got up early to get my 9 miler in before heading out to Rancho Palos Verdes for a baby shower at Trump National. That’s right, Donald Trump’s infamous golf course that had problems with several of the holes falling into the ocean. Pretty sweet, right?

Of course it’s a beautiful and lavish place. We had seats that overlooked the ocean. The food wasn’t half bad, either. I ordered a greek salad with grilled chicken…although the waiter was “not sure” if they could add the chicken because it usually comes with ahi tuna. Really? Holy crap! Somehow, and I do NOT know how they managed, but they found a way to get some chicken on my salad. Freakin’ geniuses I tell ya.

Baby shower cake--yum!

Even though it took a good 45 minutes to get to this place, it was so worth it to see my two girls, Berni and G-$. This is G’s second baby; another girl whose name will be Ava Helen. My sister and I are the lone ladies standing now with no babies (sorry, Mom). It was fun to shop for little Ava. From the looks of the shower loot, this is going to be one stylin’ little lady.

After the shower, I raced back home, changed and got back in the car to pick up my sister. She planned a quickie spa visit for us as a birthday present. We had never been to this particular place before and in an unprecedented move for me, I scheduled something I’ve never gotten before: a thai massage. All I can say is, it was effing awesome. I’m going to be sore as hell tomorrow (the therapist also told me this but I could already feel it) but she really got the kinks out. She basically got on the table with me and used her body weight to knead and stretch me. Heaven! If you are in the LA area, I really recommend this place. It’s more traditional Thai spa style and also very, very reasonable. My sister’s only complaint was there is no locker room.

Anyhoos, it’s been a great first day of Spring. This week is going to be nuts. We leave for Phoenix tomorrow for a conference, come back Tuesday night, Wednesday is my b-day (and I am NOT going to work!), Thursday is a work day and Friday we leave for Colorado to see hubs’ family. In the middle of all of this, b.i.l. is coming back to interview for the Santa Monica job. Good luck, Mike!

What were you doing this morning when Spring officially began?



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2 responses to “10:32am

  1. Pretty ladies 🙂 My sister and I are the only members without kids as well. The ones that are old enough anyways.

    I think I was riding my realtors car when spring sprung.

  2. I was in church! Kinda falling asleep because I was so tired hee hee.
    The weather IS gorgeous here. I love SoCal now after its horrid weekly rain season.

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