We’re all going to laugh about this someday

So I got an email that was written by my Mom but sent from my Dad’s email account. It went something like this:

we are at home but everything is ok. i’ll call you later to explain. xxoo mom

Huh?!? At first I thought it might be spam. A couple of months ago my sister’s account got some kind of virus and all of her contacts in her address book were sent an email about how she took a quick trip to the UK London (quick from LA?) and could we please wire over some money because she lost her wallet.

Then I remembered that they were suppposed to leave early on April 1st for their first spring break trip NOT to L.A. The night before my Mom had conferences so she was working late. At the end of the day, she printed out the boarding passes so she could let my Uncle know what time to drop them off and pick them up at the airport.

And that’s when she noticed it. The tragic mistake:

Detroit to Miami Departure date April 1
Miami back to Detroit Departure date APRIL 1!!!

Seriously. I’m sure we’re all going to laugh about this someday. But until then, there has been and probably will be (more) crying and bad feelings. Shame on you Priceline! Where was your Negotiator when my mom was foolishly buying roundtrip tickets in order to have a cocktail in the Miami International Airport then turn right around and fly home?

I can negotiate a great 5 hour trip to Miami for you!!

Unfortunately, when my Mom called Priceline, Mr. Shattner was not available so she spoke with someone who couldn’t “do anything for you” and basically said, tough shit.
Delta was slightly better. They first recommended buying one way tickets home for $800 each. I know, what a bargain! Then they offered a $250 per ticket credit on their next Delta flight and cancelled the Miami flights. HOWEVER. When they schedule this next flight, it will cost $150 each to “reschedule” the flight. Sooo…really $100 a ticket. Nice.
Their hotel was the only compassionate component to this whole nightmare. I wish I knew the name of it. They refunded the entire amount of their 8 day planned hotel stay.

It’s so hard to hug your Mom from across the country. This trip was important for a couple of reasons. I think one of the most important was for them to go on a trip together. Alone. Romantic. They usually come out and stay with me and my sister. This trip was going to help them celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. I get the chills thinking about that. 40 years together. That is totally a-mazing.

I do think, though, things happen for a reason. Maybe they weren’t meant to go to Florida right now. My Mom just lost her best friend to lung cancer last week and she needs time to grieve. My sis and I had wanted Mom and Dad to come out here for Easter (selfish, I know, but we miss them!). Maybe they’ll make it out here next week. Who knows. But there must have been a reason for this.

I know this to be true, though:
Thank God It’s Friday!
Somehow, March is supposed to go out like a lamb and I don’t think that March is willing to give up just yet. This week has been brutal and I’m happy to see the light at the end of the week. We have some fun stuff planned. I’ll leave you with a picture of my hubs’ family who we saw last weekend in Colorado.

Do you have Spring Break plans?


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