All’s well that ends well

Or maybe I should say, all’s well that re-starts well. As I type this, my parents are scheduled to land in L.A. in 40 minutes. I couldn’t be happier. I guess you are never too old to want your Mommy.

It's an Easter miracle! I get to see my Mom!

The recap:
Mom scheduled a roundtrip to FLA for the SAME day. Oops!

Priceline was no help at all. Negotiator my arse!

Enter my personal travel agent:

My Hero

The end result: Mom and Dad will be with us from tonight until Thursday night. Usually I try to plan some stuff but this go-around we’re going to keep it all cas. Lot’s of walking, eating and card playing is the most likely plan. Maybe we will cook something fun for Easter.

Do you celebrate Easter? In what way?

Part of me misses the days of dressing up in my special Easter dress (usually home made by my mom), patent leather shoes, white gloves and hair all curled and pretty for Church. The the hunt for eggs–real and money filled plastic–and loads of candy to boot! I’m sure my stomach doesn’t really miss that last part, though!

Off to the airport!
P.S. Stay tuned for a tasty stir fry recipe we made last night. Tofu, wagyu beef and shiitakes, oh my!


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