I blinked

That’s what it felt like. I blinked and poof!, they were gone.

Mom and Dad visiting at Easter

It was a quick visit but a necessary one for sure. We did all the usual things: walking, running, laughing, eating, and, of course, card playing. We played hearts, one that I tend to call “keep yer own shit” so I have no clue what it is really called, and of course, the game of all games: euchre. What the what is euchre you ask?

A good definition and examples of how to play can be found here. I think it’s mostly a midwest game. Out here in L.A. people don’t seem to have a clue as to how to play. But if I can play, ANYONE can play!

In general, I’m not a big card player. In fact, I think I’m a pretty dismal player. I tend to go with the flow. My poor partners! When hubs and I play with my Mom and Dad, we go all old-fashioned style and play girls against the guys. Well the guys kicked our little asses two games in a row. The third game the girls finally pulled through. I actually have to say that I’m starting to understand how to play the game and –gulp– enjoyed it last night. Plus I got one of the nicest compliments from the hubs as we were driving back from the airport last night. He said that I’m really becoming a good card player. This from a man who can count the cards and ALWAYS knows if there is a trump card left. It made me feel pretty good I must say.

Every time we get the house back to ourselves lately I start to sing, “Just the two of us,” Robert Goulet style. You know, R to the G

I know what you must be thinking: I wish I lived with this crazy woman! I don’t know how our guests survive when they stay with us. Somehow, I can no longer edit myself like I could in the past. Talk about letting it all hang out! At times, hubs tells me that I’m “full of piss and vinegar” in a good way. I just can’t help it. I like to sing and dance around the house. Guests with us or not!

Do you tend to sing and dance around the house? Alone or in front of a roommate?


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One response to “I blinked

  1. But “yay” for a nice visit (while it lasted)! Plus, I already love your dad because he’s wearing a Tiger shirt, so he has to be awesome.

    As for singing and dancing around the house? Guilty as charged. I really should do it more often as it puts me in the BEST mood, but I have no shame when I do go at it. Car kareoke is another one of my specialties…

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