I know, I hadn’t heard of this beer company before, either.

Enjoy a Bierbitzch

So hubs and I went to the LA beer fest today. What a cluster. Hubs called it “the most disorganized event I’ve ever been to.” I have to agree. Then again, I am NOT 21 (or even close to it at this point) anymore, don’t enjoy the meat market feel of a frat party and am in general, an efficient and organized person. Probably to a fault. Nevertheless. Is it too much to ask for signs at the security check that show where to line up (alphabetically, it turns out–but no visible alphabet separations)?

Ok, enough of my crotchety old lady stuff. On to the beer. After we stood in line for about 30 minutes and having several attacks of clausterphobia, we got our wristbands and our mini plastic steins and headed across the street to Sony Studios to get our beer taste on. Surprisingly, I had either tried or knew of most of the beer companies at the fest today. I have no tolerance to alcohol at all and was not in the mood to get hammered in a hot, loud, crowded place so I took some sips of stuff but tried to focus my tasting on things I thought had a high probability of me liking. Basically, stouts.

Tall glass o' stout

My favorite, though, turned out to be a pear cider from this place. Check out their website. We even got an Original Sin poster. I know, we are sooooo cool.

All in all, we stayed about an hour. There were also a good dozen food trucks there. Our favorite for the name only being the tastymeat truck.

The Tastymeat Truck

On the way home we stopped at our dealer local spirits store, Beverage Warehouse and scored a case of the best. beer. ever.

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

By far the best I’ve ever had. It’s aged in old bourbon barrels and that gives it a creamy finish (TWSS). Honestly, it is better than wine. It seriously sounds like I have a problem. I’m not an alcoholic, I promise!

This is a double dating weekend for us (I’m counting the beer fest as a date). Tomorrow we go to see the Hubbard Street Dance Company downtown. We may have to go a bit early and eat some lunch at Wurstkuche. This might sound weird but they have a delicious veggie sausage that I love and the fries are outstanding. There may also be a Yogurtland down the street from the sausage place….muhahahah….


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