Two Thumbs Up

What a great day. Besides the weather, which was unusually cold and sucky, today was fantastic. I had a really lazy morning reading the paper and enjoying some spruced up hot oat bran.

I had been on such a morning greek yogurt kick that I forgot how delicious a hot breakfast can be.

After reading the paper, I decided that I was too wimpy to head outside in the cold wind. So I tackled 50 minutes with Jillian. She kicked my ass today. I thought I had lost this DVD around Christmastime but the hubs just found it with–surprise, surprise–our other DVDs in the cabinet. I’m not sure who put it in there but I’m glad to have it back. Hubs actually did the entire workout with me this morning, too.

We got our sweaty selves cleaned up and headed out for my overdue birthday present. Hubs had gotten us tickets to see a modern dance company. The sunday matinee is our fave. Yes, we are totally old. That’s how we roll, though, so we’re cool with it.

We went downtown early so we could eat some lunch at the Lazy Ox Canteen. Hubs has been to this place at least 4 times now and cannot stop raving about it. I finally know why.

It is freakin’ delicious!

We started out with a salad of crispy romaine leaves dressed in a creamy garlic-tarragon dressing. If you haven’t fallen in love with tarragon yet, get some and put it in everything. Yum!

I ordered the soup. It was pretty hearty and had some beans, peppers, queso fresco, pot roast and some fried strips of tortilla on top. Kind of like a mix between a tortilla soup and chili really. I ate the whole darn thing.

Hubs got the hamburger that they make with brisket. I had a bite and this is what a hamburger should taste like. I’m not sure if you can tell by the picture but the hamburger was actually pretty small. We like it when restaurants serve excellent quality food in smaller portions. Anyway. The burger came with fries that had a chipotle aioli dipping sauce. Wow. Hello tastebuds! The fries were delish all on their own. The aioli added another dimension to them, though. Like putting on 3-D glasses at the movies.

They also had my Rasputin Imperial Stout on tap. ON TAP. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I had about 6 ounces or so and it really enhanced the meal. The coffee flavor in the beer is outstanding.

All in all, the Lazy Ox Canteen gets two enthusiastic thumbs up. This may become our Clyde Common in L.A. (If you live in Portland, get thee to C.C.!!). They change up their menu regularly and really focus on seasonal and fresh foods. By the way, this meal seems like it would be heavy but it was nothing near that.

We walked over to the Ahmanson Theater after lunch and watched the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago company. They performed three dances, all very good. The last dance, though, was my fave. I won’t do it justice so I’ll just say, they danced to one of my favorite songs, Bolero, and now I can’t get it out of my head. But it’s a good thing.

Now it’s time to chill. Probably going to watch Sin Nombre tonight.


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  1. Oh wow! I’ve always wanted to visit the Lazy Ox Canteen! So jealous you went! I’m glad I’ve got your approval…will definitely visit one day!

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