Wild and Crazy Weekend

That’s right. It was a craaaazzzy weekend at the Foodbin house.

It all started out with some tasty chicken pizzas.

Hubs grilled up some cold air organic chicken breasts then shredded them. He also threw some canned artichokes on the barbie.

Grilled chicken and artichokes, pre-shredding

While he did that, I roasted some garlic and made a quick sauce with some diced then mashed tomatoes, the roasted garlic, salt, pepper and oregano to taste.

Homemade marinara

We cut up some part-skim mozzarella, red onion and tarragon.

Mozz and red onions ready for their pitas

Don't fear the herb

Assembly was easy. Take a grilled pita bread, spread on some sauce, top with shredded cheese, onion, artichokes and tarragon and grill for a couple more minutes to heat up the cheese.

Grilled pita rounds

Grilled chicken pizzas

Delish. I believe that having this tasty meal aided my Red Wings in their victory that night.

Saturday was off the hook when we spent several hours cleaning out our closets in the bedroom. Sexy, I know. I can’t believe I’ve had some pants for more than a decade. Yowza! All in all, we have several big bags full of clothes to give away. You know it’s bad when you have to break out the vacuum cleaner to suck out all the dust balls at the bottom of the closet. Eewwww.

Sunday we played some tennis (it had been ages!) and then settled in to watch game 6. What a disappointing game. I could hardly watch it. So, in the vein of my Dad, I exhausted my nervous energy and bustled around while hubs and our friend Bill watched the game with sour-looking faces. My fingers are crossed for tomorrow night’s game. I’d love to see my guys make it to the second round.

Despite the depressing loss, we still managed to cook up a crazy fantastic dinner.

Raw corn salad with baked sweet potato, roasted leeks and a slice of filet. Don't forget the tasty beverage!

Hubs' steak and potato

Baked potatoes (a sweet one for me), roasted leeks (from our garden!), old school salad with raw corn and various other veggies and for the man: wagyu steak. For me: a taste of the grass-fed filet mignon. What can I say? Sometime’s a girl’s got to get her meat on. It’s HIGHLY unusual but for whatever reason, I felt like having a bite of steak. My acupuncturist says that red meat will help my condition so I’ll give it a go. We washed it all down with my favorite beverage of the moment. Gotta love that Imperial Stout.

Here’s to a wild and crazy week. Go Wings!


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