Sometimes I get reminded in the strangest ways why I love my family–and that includes my extended family. Namely, Hubs’ Mom, Dad, sister and brother. This morning I got another reminder about why I love my Father-in-Law. While I was doing weights this morning, hubs was reading an email and burst out laughing. This is the email he read to me:

Last night I was victimized once more by one of mom’s classic choices in movies. She’s a sucker for little known quirky ones, so she found an article in the paper about a short comedy, made in east lansing….

I warned her that there was no review, so you couldn’t tell whether it was a funny comedy, or just a bad one with no humor.

Also, it was made by students, which to me indicated a weak script.

So… it was preceded by a short 30 min one that was like an alfred hitchcock murder thriller with a twist, except the acting was poor, and the blood scenes were klutzy and maybe too graphic… and it was definitely a total downer… chalk it up as a premonition of things to come.

The second one was filmed in a shop right next to breuggers bagels(where we go almost weekly), so that was a neat start to see that and the camera work in the introduction was good… but the shop sells bongs, other drug stuff, labeled for “tobacco use only”… and sex toys. Although the acting was actually not too bad… there were several interesting characters… the script was pretty shitty. So, in an attempt to pull it off, it got more profane and outrageous to keep momentum going. After an hour, I finally asked her why we were still there, and she said that she was waiting for it to get better… we left a few minutes later… the producer and main actors were standing in the exit way, and I didn’t want to walk out, but it was necessary. We did find out that they rented the theater and most of the audience(except mom and I), were friends and relatives of those involved in the two movies.

The funniest part was when a 80 ish church lady came into the shop and bought a bong, thinking it was a vase for long stemmed flowers. Mom recoginized her as an elderly friend of Darlene’s(moms friend that is fighting cancer). The acting wasn’t funny(too predictable), but it was funny to see someone we knew on the screen.

Thanks for the email… I forwarded it to Jean Rademacher… she loves humorous play on words emails.



This is classic stuff. I’m putting this email up because this it just sounds so much like what hubs would write. He definitely got the humor gene from his Dad. I can just hear his Dad telling this story. My Father-in-Law is a great storyteller. He’s almost as good as my Mother; in fact, when the two of them get-together, they banter back and forth with no end in sight. Truly amazing. I did not get the gift of gab but love to hear the stories and see all the hand-waving (Mom is part Italian) and gesturing that goes into telling these tales.

I’m off to make sure the darn dvr is recording the Red Wings’ game. It screwed us last game–but we won, so no biggie. On to round two, baby. Let’s Go Red Wings!!


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