The Final Countdown

Today was my last official day at work before we leave for Maui. I feel like I can breathe again–things have been running at a rapid pace for me lately. Well, everything except me. My running seems to have gotten kind of slow in the last week. Maybe because I don’t want to come back home and deal with things or maybe I’m just tired. Probably a combo.

What I mean by “deal with things” is nothing life changing or catastrophic. Just annoying. Last week I came home from work to find that I could not close our garage door. I pressed the button and it went down just a bit, made a nasty ugly noise and went back up again. So I called the hubs who then advised me to bring the bikes and the golf clubs into the house (we’ve had people steal from our garage in broad daylight before) and he’d come home early. Probably the LAST thing he wanted to worry about.

Since then, we have figured out a way to sort of use the garage until we can decide on a new door. Thing is, I have to have him do it because it involves lifting and tying things…it would not be a pretty site I’m sure.

The next morning after the garage first broke, I was in the middle of drying my hair, getting ready for work (which I time down to the absolute second that I have to leave so I don’t waste any time at all–freakish, I know) when my blow dryer decides it has had enough. Oy. So I rumaged around the house until I found my old 1979 model (not really but good god it looks old) and did the best I could.

Then Saturday hits and we go down to Laguna to look at the perfect house–and it is perfect for us. Somehow I manage to utilize the excitement of this house to bait and switch the hubs into stopping at my friends’ house in the neighborhood for an impromptu hello and baby update (her girl is 10 months and looking SO BIG!). Then I bait and switch again and we stop in Redondo to see my friend’s newborn (2 weeks and maybe 5 pounds). AND THEN I get him to stop at Whole Foods to get our groceries for the week. By this time we’ve been out and mostly in the car for a little over 6 hours. We decide on Indian because there is no way we are cooking…we are exhausted. We take a quick trip to pick it up so we take my car because it’s smaller and the parking for this place is insane. We get back with the food only to find that hubs forgot to clip back on my house keys so we only have the car key.


I’m about ready to bang my head against the wall. I text my sister. No response. I call. No response. We drive over to her apartment and they do not have a land line so there is no way to let her know we are literally outside of her place. She finally picks up–they were eating dinner like normal people. She has a copy of our house keys. Finally. Relief.

This week I decided to go to my zen place. I will make it to Thursday morning has been my mantra. One more day and we are on the way to Maui–our happiest place on Earth. We went there for our honeymoon and go back at least once a year. The plan is always the same: sleep, eat, read, swim, play tennis, sometimes snorkel and watch the sun vanish into the ocean every night during dinner.

But for now, back to reality. Tonight I’ll use the sprouts that hubs grew to make avocado and veggie sandwiches for dinner. They are so easy to grow and really delicious.

Broccoli sprouts

P.S. Look what my sister brought me last Friday. Sprinkles cupcake. Red velvet. She waited in line for 30 minutes. If you haven’t tried one of these suckers, you do not know what you are missing. Hubs and I split it Saturday night.



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  1. Sorry you had a streak of bad luck. Hopefully it will turn around. That sounds like my kind of bad luck. Then I do feel lucky that my things are petty compared to others.

    Things always workout in the end.


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