Foodbin’s Day in Court

Since we had initially planned on leaving for our vacay to Maui yesterday, I already had the day off. We had to move our trip to leave tomorrow when hubs found out he had a very important date with a panel of three judges planned for today. His options were: fly back for it (after being in Maui for a day), do it telephonically (unacceptable in this instance) or move the trip. What else could he do? And since I rarely get to see him in action, I decided to tag along.

Random courthouse

The alarm was a buzzkill at 5:30am. But to be honest, it was nice to run around the neighborhood with the sun coming up and no cars or people out and about. The stillness was awesome. I used to run early all the time out of necessity. I’ve gotten lazy with time because why get up super early if it’s not required? But this morning I remembered why it’s wonderful. My Dad gets up at the crack of dawn daily. He is truly a morning person. I’m pretty sure I am, too. When 10pm rolls around, I’m a vegetable. But come morning, I’m usually ready to go. But I digress.

Dressed and ready to rock the judges

New outfit from Banana and Tsubo shoes (I'm a dork, I know)

Of course we had to get up that early. The plan was to leave for Pasadena at 7am. We live about 25-30 miles from Pasadena. And we had to be at the courthouse at 9am. That’s right, folks, a 2 hour cushion. Welcome to LA. The nice thing was that we only had to take 2 freeways to get there. In actuality, we got there in about 45 minutes and had some time to chill out before court got underway.

This was no ordinary court, mind you. This was the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The only higher court in the land is the United States Supreme Court. I wish I could have taken pictures inside the courthouse. It was lavish with dark wood, huge windows and an enormous library. Hubs’ case was set for Courtroom 1. This courtroom had wooden pews and the entire one wall was made up of french doors overlooking a rose garden. Totally ridonkulous. Of course I am awed by these things. Mostly because it’s not something I see or do every day. It was quite regal to say the least.

Hubs’ case was last on the calendar. We heard two cases about immigration law, a fascinating medical malpractice/infertility case, a gender discrimination case, a movie deal gone bad case and hubs’ case. I can’t say how proud of him I am. He had a very limited time (15 minutes) to speak and that included time spent answering questions that the three judges peppered at him. And when the time ran out, that was it. In the words of my acupuncturist, he has come a long way baby. He was confident yet not cocky; articulate but not overbearing; even funny at times. Most impressive to me was how he got the judges to interact with him.

So of course we were starving when this wrapped up around noon. And we were so close to downtown that we decided to stop at the Lazy Ox for a power lunch. This restaurant did not disappoint. We split a salad.

Lazy Ox salad: Pickled beets, eggplant, marcona almonds with dill vinegarette

Then I had the poblano soup (again!) and hubs had the braised beef with haricot verts, brussels sprouts and cream of wheat. We just about licked the dishes clean. It was just ter

Poblano soup--spicy goodness

Now it’s time to tie up the loose ends and then it’s all about Maui, baby!

It doesn't get any better than this



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