Fake it to make it

Wow.  This week has been truly insane. It’s always tough coming back after a vacation but this was seriously bad. Between work related fire-drills and horrendous hormone imbalances, it was rough. But I made it. Most people do, I guess.

We had a meeting at work this week to bone up on some principles about drug treatment. It really focused on AA tenets. According to the speaker, one of the phrases that people attending meetings utilize is: “fake it until you make it.” I think this is something that can be applied all over the place. Thursday morning, before we had this meeting, somehow I coincidentally decided I was sick and tired of having such a crap-tastic week that I was going to make myself have a good day, dammit! So I faked it.

I went full force with the car karaoke on the way to work. I wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for the string of excellent songs that were from “back in the day” (this station claims it plays rap and r & b from “back in the day”–it really does). I can’t even remember what songs they were now but I can still remember how good it felt to belt it out and get my groove on in the car. When I got off the freeway at my exit, I was waiting at the light to turn and the van next to me started honking and made the “roll down the window” motion. I hesitated. I wasn’t in the best neighborhood and I like to keep to myself generally anyway. But I relented and put the window down. The man in the van said to me, “keep on singing, miss!” with a huge smile on his face. That did it for me. What had started out as a decision to feel happy that morning came true. I faked it and made it. And while I can’t say the rest of my day was as great as that moment (it wasn’t), it was still pretty darn good. When I told hubs the story he said, “good thing he said ‘miss’.” So true. I cannot stand being called “ma’am.” It just sounds so old I guess.

It fascinates me that such a strange incident could have such an outstandingly positive effect on me. It reminds me how powerful words and actions are. It also totally reinforces my car karaoke. As long as I’m in the car by myself, it is a good thing.

TGIF and keep on singing…


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