Enjoy the Silence

Today at work we had a seminar on relaxation techniques. We learned some Tai Chi and the basics of meditation. For 5 entire minutes, the conference room was still. You could hear an occasional breath as we took in the “ocean air” through our nostrils and exhaled the “blue ocean” through our mouths. It was a nice break in the day to say the least.

I talk ALL DAY LONG. It’s one of my job requirements, actually. When I get home, it’s such a wonderful contrast to work. The house is calm and quiet. Silent. The only problem? My brain is still chattering away. “Ok, so you have time to [fill in the blank] before you have to start dinner and get ready for tomorrow.” It’s quite annoying. And it’s something to work on. Tonight, I very consciously decided on my way home (while totally grooving out to the Beatles in the car) to work on finding my quiet self, my slowed-down self.

I set off to take a walk around the neighborhood instead of my usual ellipticalizing while reading a magazine and blaring music (you gotta love multi-tasking!). My ‘hood was pretty quiet. I could hear some birds, the occasional airplane (thanks LAX) and the wonderful rustle of the palm trees. That sound is so Pavlovian for me. I am instantly back on Maui. I also decided to open my eyes during my walk. Of course I don’t go around all freaky with my eyes closed, but usually my brain is so congested with talk that I don’t notice the beauty of my surroundings. Today I made a point to look at the flowers, the trees, the ocean and took my sweet old time. It was almost magical. I didn’t want that feeling to end but it was time to come home. I did some easy Hatha yoga and focused more on my breathing and stretching before dinner.

Now, I knew that hubs would be rooting for the Laker’s at the Staples Center tonight which meant: the whole house in mine! I’m not a super greedy person but I can appreciate padding around this place with nothing else to do but whatever I want. And usually my brain is abuzz with “what should I do” and “what do I have to do?” But today, probably because of the walk, I just let all of that go and made a quick and easy dinner. I did not let myself bustle and clean or even shave my legs (sorry, tmi). I think I’m happier right now for it.

My motto of late: you cannot get your time back. I don’t want to waste my time by telling myself my usual, “after you finish [fill in the blank–school, residency, work], you can enjoy yourself.” I’m going to work on making a conscious effort to enjoy the now.

If I don’t, then what else is the point of all of this?

Funky half-court house in my 'hood

The view to downtown LA

Dr. Bus' house (owner of the Laker's) or AKA: The Hotel House--it's enormous

I love palm trees

The view from the top of my walk: the marina leading into the ocean

Loyola Marymount University from afar


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