The Tea Told Me So

I’ve been drinking lots of Yogi tea of late. At first I wasn’t sure if I loved the product. The tea has grown on me but what I first loved are the little fortunes clipped to every tea bag. I actually now look forward to my daily fortune. They are definitely better than anything I ever got in a cookie.

Whatever you are, you are. Be proud of it.

When the mind is backed by will, miracles happen.

The best way of life is to be, simply be.

Maybe I’m being sappy but I like these little life lessons.

I also tend to collect my horoscope if I feel it is particularly interesting. I’ve been carrying this one with me all week:

You’ll have the direct realization that life is wonderful without having to psych yourself into the idea. There’s no need to build a case for it because there is no reason behind the notion.

Maybe this was a placebo effect or something but all week long I’ve really realized that life is good. I seem to be running on a slower battery this week, too. Usually I am frantically rushing around the house in the morning to get out the door. This week, though, I seemed to be in a zen-like state and focused on what I was doing instead of where I needed to be. It could be that I was being lazy but it didn’t feel like my usual “I’m so freakin’ tired I’m just going to veg in front of the tv” laziness. My mind has been calm and the general thought in it has been: everything’s going to be ok. And so it is.

I think my tattoo is finally becoming a part of me. Namaste!

Buddhist prayer for peace


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One response to “The Tea Told Me So

  1. I like Yogi Tea on occasion as well, and I’ll admit I like the daily dose of positivity. That said, I don’t know if you’re on Facebook, but you can “like” them and they post more of those things every week with others sharing what their tags say. It’s kind of nice.

    Anyway, I just read your last post as well and wanted to thank you for your return to posting 😉 You know what an ADD manic I am, so telling myself to slow down and enjoy just “being” instead of trying to do a million things at once only to hurry up and wait is important. I find I do this more often now than I ever used to and also that I seem to be in the minority with this one. Oh well…loved this post and will keep it in mind tomorrow when I have to go back to work. Boo.

    Have a great day tomorrow and drink up!

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