Chili Peppers, Brews and Bears, Oh My!

This weekend we headed to Aspen to celebrate my S.I.L.’s 30th birthday. We met her and my B.I.L. in Aspen Friday afternoon and headed over to Snowmass for their Chili Pepper & Brew Fest. I gotta say, Colorado was a much different (and so much better) story than the Beer Fest in L.A. First of all, Snowmass is gorgeous. Second, they were organized and extremely nice. Third, the music was awesome. 

Friday evening we went over to the event and tasted some beers for a couple of hours. I am very particular when it comes to beers. Unfortunately, I like the black gold of beer–stout. That meant that I took some sips of this and that and had more of the 2 kinds of stout that I found out of the 40+ beer tents. But that was just right. They also had some flavorful chilis to try. The best, by far, was the green chicken chili. Alas, I did not take a photo. We basically had a mini shot of 3 kinds of chili. It went well. The boys liked the beer made of ghost chilis. If you don’t know what those are, they are the hottest, deadliest chilis. One tiny sip was enough for me and my s.i.l. She thought it tasted like drinking the brine in a jar of peppers…which it basically is I think. 

The crew getting ready to check out the brew fest


So many beer tents, so little time


In the middle of the festival


After the beer tasting, we went in search of dinner. No small feat considering Snowmass is essentially closed for business until mid-June. We found an outdoor bbq place that didn’t have a menu–the chef asked if we wanted ribs, buffalo dog or chicken. I went with the chicken. It was enormous. But tasty. I’m not a big fan of meat with bones but if you are hungry enough, you deal with it I guess. 

After dinner, we went next door to the Sweet Life to get some desert. I asked for the frozen yogurt and sadly, they did not have any. Feeling slightly pressured, I got a small cup of cake and brownie batter ice cream. 

Stop the presses. 

Eating my ice cream on the lift back up the mountain


It was ridiculous. I think the guy manning the scoop felt bad because they didn’t have the yogurt and my small cup ended up filled more than everyone elses. Somehow, I ate every last bite of it. For me, that took guts to do. I don’t usually eat things like that. But I’m working on being more spontaneous and in the moment and utilizing breathing exercises during high anxiety times…it sounds crazy but it sort of worked with the ice cream. 

The next day, we decided to go explore Aspen. Not much was going on there but since hubs and I had never been before, we headed over to walk around and find a lunch spot. Lunch was alright. Nothing fancy. No pictures. But we did scope out this bear and I had to take a picture with him. 

Pretty sweet bear in Aspen


That night we met up with some of my s.i.l.’s friends for the second day of beer tasting. We were sort of  burned out from the day before so we kind of just hung out and hit a few of the tents we liked from the day before. For me that meant Oskar Blues Brewery’s  Ten Fidy stout and Left Hand Brewery’s  Milk stout. Both were delicious and slightly sweet. If you don’t usually like beer but tend to like coffee/espresso, give stout a try. It might just amaze you. 

Snowmass wooden bear


The main attraction to the festival on Saturday was the evening bands. 

The Wailers 

The Wailers


George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic 

George Clinton


They were awesome. I can’t believe how old George Clinton is…but he’s still funky after all these years…their set was like 2 hours long. 

Getting funky with George Clinton and his Parliament


Getting ready to jam out with the Wailers


Sunday we decided to get in a hike before we had to leave. We found a hike that followed a ridge at Snowmass. The top was a beautiful view. I can totally see why people live there. It is absolutely gorgeous. And the people are so friendly and open. I guess it’s striking considering where we live right now. L.A. isn’t really known for its friendliness–I mean, we don’t even ride public transit together. Or carpool really. It’s very self segregated here unfortunately. 

Gorgeous view from the balcony in Snowmass


All in all I think my s.i.l.’s birthday weekend was just what she was hoping for. Sometimes it’s nice to get out of dodge for the weekend. Or maybe we need to get out permanently. That is a work in progress though. 



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2 responses to “Chili Peppers, Brews and Bears, Oh My!

  1. Woohoo on the froyo! I bet your hubs was happy too 🙂 I got a gelato with Mike on our vacation and it made him so happy. We probably don’t realize they can feel our anxiety too.

    I love all the pictures and i’m glad you sil had a great day.

  2. What a weekend! Success!
    I hate mentally building myself up for something (food) only to find out that it’s no longer an option. This has been known to throw me into conniption fits, if only internally, seeing as the “real” stuff probably sounded just as good (just not as safe.) Now it’s a matter of deciding WHY I am freaked out and what really does sound good, which sounds like exactly what you did–and lived to tell (and enjoy) the tale!

    I agree with April in that your husband was probably more grateful than you for the ice cream, as they do worry about us so much more than we know. Keep strong and carry on, my friend! Looks like a fun time with great company–the true point of the endeavor.

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