No Reservations-ah

We had been waiting weeks for last night to finally roll around. What was so special about last night? A couple of things: we took our old asses out on a “school night” and……we saw this guy

Anthony Bourdain


 I’m getting ahead of myself though. Let me rewind a bit first. 

I rushed home from work to change and we were off to pick up food for a picnic with some friends. I had forgotten how terrible West LA traffic is at rush hour. Yuck. I think it was a good 45 minutes to get to Tavern–6 miles from our house. But we made it and picked up our grub. I got the beluga lentil salad with roasted root veggies and hubs got a tasty sandwich called The Angeleno, filled with burrata, artichokes, cavolo nero and meyer lemon. They were both delicious. Our friends got an Angeleno and an American in Paris sandwich. There wasn’t a crumb left. 

We had our picnic at UCLA and our friend Larry covertly brought some rose vino for us to sip while we ate here: 

UCLA's Sculpture Garden


Eventually it was time to head over for the main event. We made our way over to the hall. 

Royce Hall UCLA


I gotta say, hubs got us some freakin’ fantastic seats. Definitely front and center. And Bourdain did not disappoint. From rants about various Food Network “stars” to tales of his recent appearance on Yo Gaba-Gaba (seriously), the audience was captivated. And talk about the profanity. Nice use of the f-bomb I must say. The only thing he didn’t talk about that I was craving for is the story about squeezle. If you’ve watched his show, you may remember that episode. Squeezle has become a favorite word of mine lately that I use to mean just about anything. That’s how I roll. On No Reservations it was basically code for porcupine. Ew. 

I wish I had half the sack that this man has. I mean, he really says it like it is (for him at least). You have to respect that. And he’s sharp, too. All in all, definitely worth overshooting my bedtime by over 2 hours. His overall message is one I totally believe in but struggle to put into motion on a regular basis: 

Go out in the world and explore, enjoy and live. It’s the only life you got. 

As I’m wrapping this up I can hear hubs grumbling (ok, yelling) at the TV. What’s with the brickhouse that the Lakers are building for game 7? I mean, come on people, this is THE final game! Let’s go Lakers!



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3 responses to “No Reservations-ah

  1. Half the sack…LMAO!!!!

  2. How fun! However, I have to admit that I have no idea what your husband’s sandwich was made of, as I’ve never been exposed to burrata, cavolo nero and meyer lemon. Artichokes I know!

    • Girl–you must try meyer lemon! It’s the most wonderful lemon I’ve ever had. The flavor is still lemony-acidic but cut with a sweetness. Burrata is fresh italian mozzarella. It melts in your mouth. And the cavolo nero is italian black leaf cabbage–it looks like black kale. Basically, his sandwich looked like a grilled cheese with artichokes and some black leafy stuff. The lemon was the dressing. Wish I had taken a picture. I tried a bite of it–very rich and delicious. I don’t think I could’ve eat a whole one, though.

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