Friends with Benefits

I’m not steller at keeping up with friends. I tend to let life get in the way sometimes.

I hadn’t seen my friend Holly since she was in the second trimester of her most recent pregnancy. And her baby, Finn, is now nearly 8 months old. I will admit that we were both MIA for a while and there is a second layer that has to do with the subject of babies. That’s a story for another time though. So after what seemed like forever, yesterday, we finally matched up our schedules to get together for lunch.

I met her at her house (which is about 10 minutes from mine by car…I know, I suck) so I could see the baby. He is the pudgiest, happiest baby I’ve seen in a little while. And he has that amazing baby smell if you know what I mean. I guess that must be baby powder or something like that? Anyway, he also weighs 17 pounds and after a good 5 minutes of carrying him around the house I was sweating and my arms were getting shaky. Please, god, do NOT let me drop the baby. I opted to sit down with him–just in case.  [Side note: I was telling my mom about it and she said “what are you going to do when you have a baby?!?” I guess the answer is sit down…a lot.]

Lunch at Piknic with Holly and Sabine

Holly decided at the last minute that we’d take one of the twins instead of the baby and make it a girls’ lunch. She got Sabine ready to go and we left for a restaurant I hadn’t been to yet, called Piknic. I scanned the menu and it became totally obvious what I should get–the Mediterranean Platter. But Holly said, “That is SO good–let’s split it for an appetizer.” I couldn’t say no. Glad I didn’t because this thing was the mother load. The center of the plate was filled with a giant blob of crack hummus and little triangles of toasty flat bread sat between tabbouleh, baba ganoush, tomato cuke salad and some kind of mediterranean cheese dip.

Mediterranean Platter aka Crack Platter--we dove in before I could get the camera out.

Good. Lord.

And also: glad I did not get this for myself because I probably would have eaten the whole damn thing and that would not have been good. See, the flat bread and my belly do not get along. Never did. Probably never will. I only had a few slices but it was enough to make me puff up like a balloon. Ugh. By the time my half portion chopped salad arrived, I didn’t have any room to do much but pick at it anyway. Even though time and time again I have this immediate response to this type of dish, I crave it and order it over and over–as if something might change each time so maybe I can stuff my face and not have the ugly after-effects. How does that saying go: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Chopped salad--romaine, tomato, chickpea, provolone, turkey and avocado instead of bacon

Shame on me. Over and over. What the hell, though, I’m human.

Holly’s salad was delicous–I had a bite of the salmon and it melted in my mouth.

Blackened salmon salad with shiitake, spinach and tomato

While we ate, we talked about all things organic and how so many products that people use every day really interfere with hormonal balance. Whenever I meet up with Holly I learn something new and ultimately beneficial for me. She and I are no strangers to hormonal imbalances. She told me about a new wellness pharmacy that has a nutritionist that she has just started to see. And she urged me to swap my beloved Coppertone Sport SPF 50 for something organic without all the chemicals. She’s probably right. This change will be tough because I have been using this product forever and it works well for me (well, sunburn-wise it works).

Change in hard for me. Even though it’s only sunscreen.

We’re planning on meeting up more frequently now. Especially so because we may be going into business together.  Fun and exciting stuff for us to talk about for sure.

On a random note: I finally got my act together and tried Kombucha. Interesting. Kind of fizzy flavored vinegar. Hubs really likes it. I’m going to try another round of it and see what I think. I’m mixed about it right now but have been reading other bloggers talk about it forever. My opinion on this kind of thing is, if it helps my stomach I’m all for it.  My only concern is that the pH might be too acidic for me.

What product(s) are you reluctant to give up despite knowing that they may not be the healthiest for you?



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2 responses to “Friends with Benefits

  1. I’m the same way with my friends. That’s why I like having them in different states. At least that is a good excuse 😉

    Oh man, I eat WAY to much whey powder, I DON’T use sunscreen enough and i’m a ginger, I just bought Splenda because it’s cheaper than stevia, hmmmm…way to many to list.

  2. I am an awesome friend when I actually go out and do stuff, but that’s so rare that I’m actually a crappy friend. I guess I’m good long-distance? Anyway, glad you had an enjoyable afternoon! Why do certain foods that taste so delicious often disagree with our stomachs? I have a couple of those myself, and even though I know I’ll pay, I still try them now and again as if something has magically changed…oh well!

    I don’t expect you to say it here, but what is it that you do for a living? You’ve mentioned residency before, I believe, and now that you might be going into business with your lady friend 😉 I’m nosy!

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