Big Balls in Cowtown

Have you heard this song by George Strait? It is awesome. How can you get any better than a song title like that one,

I was pretty certain when I married my husband that he was a cowboy in a previous life. I mean, he loves all things cowboy. And for the longest time I was not really down with that. I mean, you could not get me to watch a movie considered a “Western” for all the money in the world. 

Something changed in me when I watched the HBO series Deadwood. 

Watch this show


The actors are genious and the script is some kind of fabulous cowboy Shakespeare. Talk about gritty and nasty and lawless but somehow fascinating and attractive all at the same time. I was hooked. 

Since then, I’ve been much more open to watching “Westerns” and have even gotten into music that before I thought I didn’t like. But honestly, real country music is pretty freakin’ awesome. Not that pop country crap. I’m talking Waylon Jennings, George Strait, Johnny Cash, hell, even Willie Nelson. [As I’m writing this, I’m thinking: what the hell is going on here? Who have I become?] 

Which brings me to the reason we’re talkin’ about cowboys. When we were in Colorado this March, we went to a breakfast place fit for a cowboy or cowgirl. The cool kids got this dish [read: not me. I had oatmeal]: 

Cowboy waffles--there are 2 slices of bacon embedded in that waffle and of course, the fried eggs on top.


Hubs really loved this treat. So when I found this recipe for cornmeal pancakes, I knew it was time to try to make a riff on this cowboy meal. 

CowboyPancakes                                                                                                                                                                                                        1 cup yellow cornmeal 

1 t salt 

2 T butter 

2 T honey, sugar or syrup 

1 cup boiling water 

1/2 cup milk 

1 egg 

1/2 cup flour 

2 t baking powder 

1. Combine cornmeal, salt, butter and honey in a large, heavy bowl. Pour the boiling water over top and whisk well to combine. Cover tightly and let stand at least 10 minutes 

2. Measure the milk into a measuring cup. Add the egg and beat well with fork until smooth. Stirl this into the cornmeal mixture. 

3. Sift together flour and baking powder (ok, we did not sift…) and stir into cornmeal mixture. Do not over-stir. 

4. Head griddle and lightly butter surface. Pour batter in 1/3 cup measures. Cook until bubbles stop appearing and the top surface appears slightly dry, about 3 minutes. Turn and cook just until center is set, 1-3 more minutes. This makes about 8 pancakes. [We made half a batch] 

While this is going on, preheat oven to 400 degrees. Then place 2 slices of bacon on a rack and cook about 18 minutes. Fry up an egg. Assemble by putting the cakes down first, then some butter, then place the egg on top and crumble the bacon over the egg. Voila. Food fit for a cowboy

Big Balls in Cow Town breakfast--cornmeal pancakes, fried egg and bacon

This cowgirl had to try a cake as well. But mine was sans egg and bacon. It looked like this: 

Cowgirl breakfast--cornmeal pancake with agave, tahini, raspberries and fage yogurt and fruit cup

It was really good. I hadn’t had a pancake in ages. My stomach no longer gets along with them unfortunately. But because this was made out of cornmeal, it was no problem. We will definitely be making this again. 

After this hearty breakfast, hubs took some friends out to the gun range. His gun’s name is the Mule. I actually helped name it–I have a particular ability for naming things (most recently a spider named Carl–that’s a story for another time, though).  Don’t worry, this cowboy doesn’t shoot anything but paper targets.


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