Did you ever use that term in grade school? Like, “Bobby likes you–psych!” We used it all the time and now it’s a weird thing to say. I thought it today though for the first time in a looooong time. We’ve had a broken garage door for more than a month now. Mostly it means that hubs has to help put the door down manually because for some odd reason, it goes up just fine. It sounds like ass but the up part works. If I had go-go gadget arms I’d be able to manually put it down, too. I’m blessed with the short gene, though and would have to haul a chair out and would probably end up hurting myself somehow. 

Da da da da da...Inspector Gadget...Da da da da da da da--ooh ooh!


I used to watch that cartoon after school while I ate a snack before heading to the gym. I was totally into that cartoon. 

But I digress. 

So finally, this morning between 8 and 10am the guys were scheduled to come and install our brand spanking new garage door. What a relief! Then the phone rang…I could hear things like “uh-ha” and “car broke down” and thought,  “yay for the garage door–PSYCH!” Somehow, though, hubs finagled them into coming tomorrow (fingers crossed) because they proposed next week. Luckily we had a good reason to push for asap installation. We shall see if tomorrow is another psych! or not. 

In a similar vein, I had to get pysched up for my run this morning. Truth be told, I took both Saturday and Monday off recently–unheard of–because my hammies, to quote Oprah, “be painin’.” I’ve also kind of lost my mojo. I found myself thinking this morning, “I’m running….why the hell am I running? What am I running to or from?” I got no answer to that. But I compromised from my usual 6 miles (or an hour–whichever happens first) and only did 5. Thankfully, I’m not feeling guilty about it. I guess there’s no reason to anyway. It is unusual, though, to need that extra psychic push to get through a run instead of enjoying my run. My mind goes two ways with this at once: take a longer break and/or train for a race. Not just: this is how it is.  

So I’m working on sitting with “this is how it is.” It’s not comfortable, I’ll tell you that much. Neither is waiting for this damn garage door but that’s life. 

Have you been psyched out lately or needed an extra psychic push? 

Today Yogi says: “It’s important to find your identity and your legacy.”  

I agree.



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2 responses to “Psych!

  1. Ha! I still use that word 😉 I also LOVE Inspector Gadget. I had a wonderful childhood and I still want to be there sometimes.

    I get psyched out everytime I think my internet is going to work. Stupid Comcast…and I hope you’re reading this Comcast!!!

    Isn’t it weird how we really love to workout and then one day you just don’t. Then the next you have all sorts of energy to burn? I’ll never get it.

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