I ain’t no Gold Digger but I got needs

Hubs and I went to Target (read: Tar-jay) today to pick up some stuff. I finally figured out how not to go ape shit and buy everything in sight there: do not, I repeat, do NOT use a cart. Take only the things you can carry. This was an ah-ha! moment for me. Sure it was a pain but it helped reign me in a little more than usual. I swear they must have subliminal “buy more stuff” messages embedded in the music they play because I go in there and automatically it becomes: oh yeah…I need this and that….infinitely until I can no longer stand the screaming kids and wandering adults. 

I did know that I wanted a fun pair of sunglasses for our upcoming trip. As I was browsing the aviators, hubs found these and declared: they are perfect for you–pink and shiny. I couldn’t be offended because he’s right. He also proclaimed them my Kayne West sunglasses. 

He definitely ain't messing with no broke (e) broke.


What do you think? 

More Michael Bolton (ala Office Space) than Kanye--but I'm feelin' the Kanye vibe


Growing up outside of Detroit, R&B and rap are some of my deepest music loves. And I’m not one to shy away from rapping in the car–sort of like Michael Bolton in Office Space

If you have not seen this movie--RUN, do not walk and purchase it immediately.



I got some other random stuff from the Jay as well: 

Stuff I couldn't resist at Tar-jay


Remember “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute!”? Hoot hoot. I also found a mini-notebook for just over $1, another pair of sunglasses ($12.99, thank you very much), my new fave lip balm, and some non-toxic lotion and sunscreen. I don’t have high hopes for the sunscreen but considering I use so much of it that I could probably keep Coppertone in business, it may be worth it to find one that doesn’t ruin my hormones. 

Now it’s on to dinner time and some tasty Bi-bim-bap goodness. Tonight we may bust out an oldie but goodie: 

People are surprised to find out it's a documentary when they see it. Yes-it's THAT good.

See it. I dare you.



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2 responses to “I ain’t no Gold Digger but I got needs

  1. I love the pic of you with the glasses! And I fully endorse the “no cart” policy at Target, as otherwise I tend to find a million things I didn’t even know I needed but somehow tell myself I can’t live without. As for American Movie–never seen it, but now I’m intrigued…

  2. I am the same way at Target! I really can’t be trusted at all in that store. I never thought about it, but not using a cart would probably help me. Fortunately, we don’t have Target in Canada, so it isn’t a regular shopping spree for me…it is my vacation splurge.
    I love the sunglasses! You look so cute.
    And I love Office Space. Definitely a classic funny movie.

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