You Can’t Take It With You, Part I

But I wish I could. I’m so sad to be back in L.A. after such a wonderfully calm and fulfilling trip. I think this is the very first time that hubs and I just didn’t want to come back home (to L.A.). It didn’t help that we went to a lush summer utopia and came back to a still gloomy but also now brown and loud city.

Usually, after spending a few days in Michigan, I am ready to get the hell out of there for one reason or another (I confess: many times, this is due to the weather). This time was clearly different. Maybe because I am noticing more and more how quickly time passes and how important it is to spend time with the people you love. I think, too, that now that my Mom is retired, I am realizing that we are all aging. How did my parents get to be in their 60’s? I mean, when did this happen?

On the airplane coming home I read this quote in the silly United magazine:

Today you are the youngest you will ever be. Live like it.

I think I did a decent job of staying in the moment while we were in Michigan. My automatic response to being out of my usual synchronicity is to sort of recreate my routine and remind myself that I’ll be home soon. This time, I wanted to be in the moment. Whenever my mind started to wander into that familiar mode, I took a deep breath and recentered my focus. Somehow that really quelled my anxiety.

When we got to Michigan, hubs and I parted ways for a few days. We don’t usually do this. But both of us wanted to spend time alone with our families. I had a great time with my Mom and Dad. Mom and I shopped and played tennis. Dad and I ran together. I always feel bad for slowing him down but my Mom always reminds me: he just wants to run with you. He doesn’t care about the pace!

Front of the house with everything in full bloom

So pretty

I even got to visit with my Aunt, Uncle, cousin and my cousin’s first baby, Nick (my Mom adores him). He is usually in full Tiger’s gear but not the day we were there unfortunately. I hadn’t seen them in ages but if felt like no time had passed at all.

How cute is he?

After a few days, we packed up our car and made the 5 hour trek up north to Traverse City. We only had a few angry moments but no getting lost which was amazing!

Sweet reunion in Traverse City

I truly love it up there. We rented out a huge house on the water. This was our anniversary present to ourselves–10 years of marriage (well, almost: our date isn’t until the end of July–but close enough). That may sound like a strange present but we knew that we wanted to share it with our family.

La Dolce Vita house. Traverse City, MI

How wonderful is it that we all get along so well? The only true disappointment was that my sister chose not to come. I will refrain from discussing that because it’s done with and I have to let that anger go.

Stay tuned for part II.



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3 responses to “You Can’t Take It With You, Part I

  1. Yay for Michigan! Your parent’s house/flowers are so beautiful! Did you go to Traverse for the Cherry Festival?

    Lots of questions. Anyway, glad you were able to reconnect with what’s important and enjoy the “now” instead of worrying about the “later.” And Happy early Anniversary!

  2. That house is gorgeous!! That’s a great anniversary present 🙂

    That quote is kind of scary but true!!

  3. I used to hate LA and I was born and raised here (in “here” I mean LA. When I went to college, I was like “I’ll go to any college OUTSIDE of LA!”. But a few years not living here, I sorta missed it, and now I appreciate it. Although we have has gloomy skies lately, most of the year is beautiful and there is soooo much of this city that is diverse and unexplored.
    But your hour IS gorgeous! Very brag worthy!
    Happy anniversary!

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