Mr. Green Thumbs, Who Do You Think You are?

I live with my own personal farmer. Forget green thumbs, the man has green hands. Remember this back in May?

Can't wait to taste the delicious tomatoes.

Ok, ok. I won’t lie. The tomatoes did not do well this year. But some other stuff is booming. 

Not surprisingly, hubs’ garden erupted and was out of control by the time we got home from Traverse City. 



Extending arms of the kabocha squash plant


This sucker knows how to grow


Kabocha squash! it's as big as a tennis ball


Goodness gracious. I cannot wait to put this delicious pumpkin in mah face! Keep on growin’ baby, I’ve got plans for you! Muhahaha! 

I spy a cucumber almost ready to be plucked


And then there’s this: 

Enormous cuke, aka "the donger"


 Somehow my mind then connected it to this:  

Remember the donger? I love 16 candles!

Yeah, I’m a freak. But you already knew that, right? It’s just how I roll. 

So happy tomorrow is Friday. Coming back from vacay is always tough. 

Yogi tea says: 

It’s not a privilege to know others. Know yourself. That’s a privilege. 

Indeed. Oh Yogi tea, how do you always know?



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2 responses to “Mr. Green Thumbs, Who Do You Think You are?

  1. Tomatoes are doing great here either.

    Donger 🙂 I loved him too LOL!

  2. Look at your kabocha! I’m not a big fan, but I remember that you pretty much adore it, so that’s exciting! My tomatoes and squash plants are threatening to overtake the world right now, thanks in part to extremely hot temps and manic watering. My beans are also nuts, so I put together a little green bean/squash/zucchini goody bag for my (healthy) neighbors.

    Keep us updated on your phallic-shaped progress (you know what I mean.) And yes, Yogi tea is eternally wise…

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