You Spin Me Around (Like a Record)

Where did this week go anyway? I’ve felt like this: 

I'm just spinning my wheels


Well, minus the briefcase and tie I suppose. In any case, too much of that peppered with a bunch of this: 

Oh the joy of workin' for the Man


Have I mentioned how much I despise dealing with health insurance companies? No? That’s good. You do NOT want to get me started on that. Let’s just say that this week tested about all of the patience I stocked up on during my vacation. I’ll end with a grrrr….arrrgh…and be done with it. No sense in staying angry. 

But hooray for Friday. My to-do list is longer than my left leg but somehow writing everything out, even the total mundane (e.g., shave legs) lets me breathe slower and relax. Plus I get the intense joy of crossing things off my list which is one of my favorite activities. Sad but true. 

I’ve been putting off the less mundane for reasons mostly related to panic. I mean, my hair stylist is loooong gone. I’m totally happy for her–she’s on her way to becoming a nurse. But I can’t help but feel, “what about my hair?” 

Quick back story: I had tremendously long hair for the longest time (in an attempt to embrace my hippiness) until after my first month of the third year of medical school. Why then? Because my first clinical rotation was a freaking nightmare and I was convinced that I had to quit school. I thought there would be no way (ok to read that phrase with an accent if you are familiar with a specific episode of Family Guy) I’d be able to get through the next 2 years much less the 3-6 years of residency. So I made a decision: it was school or the hair. In the end I went for the hair and had a mere stranger (though a stylist nonetheless) chop off most of my hair. It was dramatic. And, I thought, almost dangerous. The rest is history. Sort of. Now that said stylist is out of my world, I’ve been to 2 others who did not do me right. I am now sporting what might be fondly referred to as a mellowed-out mullet. I need help. 

So, I’ve got haircut on my list. I’ve even got a few places in mind but have yet to call. My thoughts keep whirling around (like a record) and come back to, “maybe I should just grow it out?” when in my heart I know that it looks much better shorter. 

Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve tried asking Yogi tea but so far no word about my hair. 

Speaking of which. Today’s Yogi tea says: 

We are here to love each other, serve each other and uplift each other. 

Now if I could just find a good stylist to serve and uplift me, I could cross off another item on my list.


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