Hog Heaven

When summertime truly comes and the sun is bright and the air is hot with an occasional wiff of ocean, it’s like I cannot get enough of being outside. You name it and I want to do it. But mostly it is running, walking, playing tennis, swimming in the pool, being active. When it comes to summer, I am a true oinkster. It just goes by so fast and I don’t want to miss any of it. 

So I was in hog heaven yesterday morning when I set out on my run. Sure my Garmin is not working properly (I mean, I’m pretty positive I’m not pulling in 12 minute miles while running. I’m slow but not that slow), my left hammy is not working properly either but I decided to just go and enjoy. So I ran and then walked and then ran again. I didn’t want to come home. When I did I jumped in the pool for a refreshing ice bath [note to self: the water is still slightly frigid]. 

When it’s like this outside, I also tend to want to dine outside. We’ve created a little bistro area in our courtyard. So last night, we made one of my favorite summertime meals and headed out to enjoy the setting sun. 

My favorite summertime meal


Jumbo lump crab and fresh raw corn salad

I wish this picture would have turned out better. It was delicious though.

Remember the donger cucumber I picked from our backyard? I used about half of it in the gazpacho along with some beautiful heirloom tomatoes and a fresh jalopeno from the garden. That little bit of spice was a nice layer of flavor. 

While eating our fresh gazpacho and crab and corn salads, we discussed animals we would like to get when we have a place big enough. Our top pick? Has to be a pot-bellied pig. We’ve already named him (I’m sure you are not surprised). 

What a cutie-pie!

Mortimer B. Porkenheimer [the B stands affectionately for bacon]. I asked hubs if this would curtail his pork eating ways and he said, “those pigs are much bigger than Mortimer,” as if bacon could not be made from such a pot-bellied pig (honestly, I have no idea if you could or not). I also voted for a horse (or horses). Now we just need the land. 

We also made a decision earlier in the day to suck it up and go see a play at 9:30pm. Sad but true that this is dangerously close to my bedtime. I decided to be semi-spontaneous and locked us in by getting tickets online. so after dinner, we changed and headed out for the Odyssey Theater in L.A.–a short 15 minute drive from the house. 

Hooray for being adults and going out on a Saturday night!

We saw this play

And mostly liked it. I was glad it was a short play. The running time was a little over an hour. The acting was very good, the script pretty good; all in all, a good night out. I could harp on some things that could have been better, but I’m not a theater critic nor do I want to be one. But it is worth going to see. 

We also saw this guy. 

Todd Lowe from True Blood


And liked it. We are halfway through the second season of True Blood (we do not get HBO but probably should just break down and get it) so it was a fun sighting. 

All in all a great day for this little piggy. I love summertime. 

And, as co-mayor of Foodbinville, I also declare this week Asian-themed dinner week in celebration of our 10 years of marriage (this Wednesday) and our mutual love of all things related to the deliciousness of Asian food. Tonight an oldie but good: Bi Bim Bap

Does anyone else love summer as much as I do?


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One response to “Hog Heaven

  1. Of everything you listed, I am most impressed with going to a 9:30 show 😉 I think I might have been able to manage that considering it was only about an hour long, but still…I’m normally washed up and curled on the couch by that time. Yes, I am an old lady.

    Anyway, cute hair! Not related, but your “bistro” looks lovely. I would eat outside more, but I’m only home for dinner and the bugs would eat me alive by that point (even with my tiki torches I’m too lazy to light.) I do love summer though. Seeing as I’m in Michigan, anything is better than snow.

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