Ain’t Nobody…Loves Me Better

Not only is Chaka Khan beautiful but she’s also poetic. I rocked it out to this song on the way home today and thought about hubs. The lyric ring so true. 

Chaka Khan


So how is our Asian inspired dinner week going? Glad you asked. I’ll rewind to Tuesday night’s din-din in which we celebrated some tasty Chinese-inspired tofu and eggplant stir fry. Not only did it look pretty but it was pretty delicious too. 

Wok happy.

Eggplant, tofu, 2 kinds of 'shrooms and some other business.

Unfortunately, Ms. Piggy-pig (me) forgot that although I adore mushrooms, if I don’t keep it to a reasonable amount I will always be sick with some fierce stomach issues. So I was up all night on Tuesday which made my anniversary day on Wednesday kinda rough. I did my best to fight through it and made it to work and home without dying. While making dinner I sipped on some diet Vernors (aka: magic stomach-fixing elixir) and was able to eat this: 

The whole spread of Vietnamese-style deliciousness


Hubs made this: 

Some of the components of hubs' chicken pho


Completely pho-tastic


While I made this: 

Sad looking crab-filled spring rolls with a leftover carrot on top


So hubs’ dish looked all gourmet-style while mine looked a bit honkey-tonk. But hey, I wasn’t feeling great. My spring rolls don’t usually look so sad. These were filled with carrot, cuke, pea shoots, lump crab, mint and basil. We dipped these bad boys straight into some chili garlic paste. I know. We are hard core

Wearing our silly garden hats for our anniversary meal pic.


See? Total freaks. How did we get so lucky? And why do we love Asian food so much? I don’t know. But it works. 

[Side note: I once had a Chinese boyfriend who claimed that I was more Asian than he and got jealous because his father liked me better than him. True story. My affinity toward all foods Asian has only grown through the years. Thank god I found someone who digs on that, too (minus the daddy issues to boot!).

We don’t normally exchange presents for our anniversary. Usually just a card or something written. A memory or something funny or with hopes for things to come. 

So when hubs gave me this, I got kinda choked up. I didn’t expect him to find the reading we had at our wedding and to type it out for me, but he did. 10 years is a while and I don’t remember much detail about the wedding now. I know that my cousin did our reading. I think that we were the only ones who really “got” it. Without further ado, I present, the reading for our wedding, as written by hubs, adapted from Ayn Rand

They did not see anyone else when they stood together on the platform: it was as if their senses had merged, so that they could not distinguish the sky, the sun or the sounds of an enormous crowd, but perceived only a sensation of shock and light. 

Yet he was the first person she saw, and she could not tell for how long he had been the only one. Only a few moments ago, the long distance down the aisle had separated them, but his eyes had moved to hers the moment she came out. They looked at each other and she knew that he felt as she did. 

This was not a solemn venture upon which their future depended, but simply their day of enjoyment. Their work was done. For the moment there was no future, they had earned the present.  

Only if one feels immensely important, she had told him, can one feel truly light. Whatever this day would mean to others, for the two of them their love was this day’s sole meaning. Whatever it was that others sought in life, their right to what they now felt was all the two of them wished to find. 

It was as if, without words, they said it to each other. 




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4 responses to “Ain’t Nobody…Loves Me Better

  1. Don’t you wish this blog thing was popular 10 years ago? I have pictures of the wedding but like you I can’t remember much except that night we just SLEPT. We were exhausted.

    Those hats are too funny!

  2. What an incredible gift–both what your husband gave you and the relationship you have in general. Thank you so much for sharing this whole anniversary, as even though I’m not a “lovey dovey” person at all, I am completely taken in by the love you guys share (well, and your love for themed dinners with appropriate headwear.)

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Ahh, so this celebration is for your anniversary! Congratulations! Man, I like the idea of an Asian-themed celebration. I love Asian food, too. I would definitely need to get some hats similar to yours for it! What’s a party without a good hat? And I really like the reading you had at your wedding. It is interesting to think that over time the details of your wedding will fade despite how much crazy thinking was put into it. I’m okay with that, though!

  4. Aw, happy anniversary! And I find it hilarious that your Asian ex-bf was jealous of you…but hahaah! Love that you’re more “asian” than him…Your husband is very, very sweet. I see that your relationship has only gotten deeper…what a blessing! 😀

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