No Woman, No Cry

For the last 3 or so days, I’ve been in a mood. Just unpleasant and yuck. Usually my mood will naturally go back to the usual within a day or so. This has been 3 very loooong days and I’m sick of it. You name it, I’ve tried it: the usual running, walking, yoga, stretching. Hell, I even did Jillian Michael’s 50 minute DVD. You know, the one that kicks your ass? Oh, right. They all do. I think this is the Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD. [btw: if you are looking a good workout, look no further. She is a hard ass for sure]. I was just slogging through these things, though. Where did my endorphins go anyway? I’m beginning to wonder where my mojo went.

Yeah baby?

It doesn’t help that it has been so gloomy here lately. The other day I thought it was November. I’m actually serious. It’s not super-uncommon for me to forget what month we’re in but it’s not typical during the summer month. Yeesh.

Of course I even tried my car karaoke. All the songs seemed to be downers for some reason. Usually Bob Marley can transform my brain to Maui in a matter of nano-seconds. I didn’t make it to Maui this time but when this part of the some started, I began to remember all of the good things I have in my world and some of the gray skies lifted:

Everything’s gonna to be alright, everything’s gonna to be alright

So woman no cry, no, no woman no cry.

He’s right: everything is gonna be alright. I’m not 100% back from the depths but a heck of a lot closer. I managed to get out and run before work this morning and it didn’t feel like I was dragging myself around. I was lighter. A bit happier. More reflective than happy I think.

I’ve even got a different spin on my daily Yogi tea fortune. Yesterday, Yogi said,

You are infinite.

My response yesterday: thanks a lot! That’s too much to handle. I am NOT infinite.

Today, maybe it’s ok to be infinite. I’m not sure. Today,  life isn’t a heavy weight so infinity doesn’t seem like such a burden. For today.

How do you get out of your funk?



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2 responses to “No Woman, No Cry

  1. I usually take a break which I HATE doing. I also know that it will pass. Just be patient…something I have a hard time doing 😉

    You are not the kind of person who can just sit on the couch and eat bonbons so your mojo will show up. It’s just on vacation.

  2. We all have funks and I think I get more “funkified” trying to get rid of it than anything else; it frustrates me that I can’t just make it go away. However, sometimes just accepting it, sitting with it and going about “normal” life is all you can do. It sounds like you executed the perfect plan, and “viola!” Eventually the fog will lift.

    I do many of the same things, but I would add in weeding or sitting outside. Don’t ask me why, but weeds keep me busy. If it’s crappy out, sometimes I just rent a completely brainless, fun movie and go with it.

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