I Rocked the Boat

Some people may know that I don’t love being the center of attention. I don’t much enjoy the limelight. I am generally shy and I am a people-pleasing, rule-follower. It’s not even a matter of not wanting to rock the boat, I just will not rock that boat. How could I? 

I’ve actually been wanting to for some time now. Tuesday, though, was the absolute last straw. Besides being the queen of quietly fitting in, I am also disgusted by cockroaches. Tuesday morning at work, I went into what I had been calling the “safe” bathroom and was greeted by a cockroach. Yuck. Gross. Ew. And my body decided to go into fight or flight mode so my heart was racing. Hm, I thought. Should I chance it in the other bathroom? The last time I went in there I had a terrible encounter with a cockroach in mid-flight. Never again I swore at the time. 

But, alas, my bladder is the size of a tiny pea and I couldn’t hold it any longer. So I decided to tempt fate and unlocked the other bathroom. Good god almighty! He may as well have been staring me straight in the eyes. This was one obese cockroach. I’m talking nearly Kafka-esque. I didn’t dare cross the threshold. 

Just try and use my bathroom...I dare you!


All kinds of things came to mind, including, should I just go home to use the bathroom? Seriously. My office isn’t that close to home, but isn’t that far. I came to my senses quickly. That was a ridiculous idea. 

I calmly went into my office and sent an email to our program director, asking her what could be done about this horrible infestation. I even offered to call OSHA. I also knew that my patience was worn so thin at this job…for a variety of reasons…one colleague offered, “at least we’re not like [name] clinic: all of the staff there dies of cancer.” Then, “you know that next door to our building is a sewage processing facility, right?” Now I understand why on any given day, someone, actually usually more like a handful of staff, calls in sick. I’m also glad that the clinic doesn’t have that cancer reputation. How terrible. 

So after much ado and many vivid dreams, I rocked the boat. Technically, I rocked the boat on Tuesday and then Thursday I cut the rope and am letting my boat float away. I gave my notice. I had been wanting to for a while but my dislike for creating a ruckus and shining a light on myself, along with my natural tendancy to tough it out in life had been keeping me at a job that was no longer fulfilling. 

Cutting the secure umbilical cord is hard to do...even in a swamp.

I walked into my boss’ office and although she was sad and frustrated, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Sure, I’ll have to endure the fallout in our staff meeting next week and then some kind of food bonanza in celebration of my departure, but now I can focus on growing my business. A great, yet also scary, thing

What have you done to rock the boat?


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One response to “I Rocked the Boat

  1. Oh my gosh! I am so happy for you, as I didn’t even know you had a business you were working on “growing.” Your own happiness is much more important than worrying about people being ticked that you’re leaving, and being in an unfulfilling professional environment can completely sap your spirit (if I was financially able to, I would do the same thing!)

    Anyway, I’m so excited to follow you on this journey, if you choose to share it with us. Congrats and exhale…this is huge in such a great way!

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