All You Need Is Love, Love

I gave up a perfectly fine Saturday to attend a conference in Newport Beach yesterday. It was frighteningly close to this place. Luckily willpower was on my side and I did not venture over to the mall. 

I ended up learning and confirming some very interesting ideas yesterday. Did you know that happiness can be like an infection? No, really. They’ve done studies on this very thing and happiness or the amount of joy in your world has everything to do with who is in your social network. Like a bad virus, if you hang with the Debbie Downers of the world, you, too, will feel just as bad as Debbie herself

But, if you have a friend who is optimistic, or content or downright crazy happy, she will infect you with her emotions. And when you get infected, you infect those around you. Cool, huh? It would make sense that if you were lets say, living with someone, that their energy or mood would tend to rub off on you and your home. But I didn’t realize that even little things like emailing or blog comments can have a significant effect on your health. So even though I don’t really “know” you, your comments can have quite an impact. Thanks for that. 

While I was on my way home from the conference, I was thinking a lot about this and was bowled over by the Beatles

The Fab Four

 They got it right: All you need is love. (everybody!) Have you listened to these lyrics? They are brilliant. Especially this part: 

Nothing you can make that can’t be made. 

No one you can save that can’t be saved. 

Nothing you can do but you can learn to be you in time. 

It’s easy. 

Well, I don’t know how “easy” it is but the part about learning to be me in time is right on target. 

So with all of this optimism, I didn’t freak out when I found out that we didn’t have the falafel mix we were planning on using for dinner last night. I actually rummaged around in my folder of random recipes and found one that I had written in my micro-handwriting on a tiny post-it note. I can’t remember where I got it from. 

Hubs took the helm and tried his hand at it using a can of garbanzo beans, a load of cumin, some coriander, parsley, lemon juice, banana peppers and some random thai chili peppers we had laying around and a spoon of flour, garlic, salt and pepper and pulsed it in the food processor. The first batch was crumbly so he added in some tahini and that seemed to do the trick. 

While he did that, I whipped together my usual tzatziki and greek salad and we put it together to make this: 

Out of the box: homemade falafel, tzatziki and greek salad. A mini glass of wine never hurt nobody either.


So it’s not pretty. But it was pretty damn good I must say. 

I went on a walk tonight so I could share this with you. Consider it my infection to you

Walking up sunflower row


Makes you wonder what the heck is hiding in there...


Towering walls of sunflowers. Priceless beauty.


Love is all you need (love is all you need).



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6 responses to “All You Need Is Love, Love

  1. I love that Sunflower Row!!! My garden actually has sunflowers for the first time ever, and they’re just the happiest things to have out there (until they die or something eats them of course, but I enjoy them while they’re there.)

    Anyway, I truly believe that those you surround yourself with have a great impact on how you feel. I’ll admit that a great blog comment or e-mail from a friend can make me 1,000 times happier than just normal conversation with people I work with. Look at your work situation–if you’re around happy people, you can do almost any job. Conversely, if you’re around crabs all the time, even if you love your work, it can be hard to stay upbeat.

    That said, all of us awesome bloggers who appreciate good conversation, genuine relationships, good food and nature should all move to an island somewhere and be happy. There would be sunflowers.

  2. so true! your post made me smile 🙂 thanks for sharing those sunflower pictures and your great dinner. i bet it tasted 100x better cause it was homemade!!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I’m glad I got to find yours because I love reading about other runners. It’s so awesome that you have a lot of runners in your family – I’m the only one and they’re supportive but still don’t quite get it, lol.

    LOVE the Greek food. Yummy.

  4. thanks for the comment on my blog – it lead me to yours and I like it!
    Those lyrics are very thought-provoking. I was watching a re-run of Glee the other night (I don’t normally watch that show…it was background noise) and anyway, they sang “Imagine”. I just sat and closed my eyes and tried to listen to the words.
    Nice post.

  5. keephangingon

    The sunflowers are so lovely!!! Really interesting post. Yeah, being around cheerful, happy people can be infectious. For a period of time, my best friend was constantly down and depressed, and it got me down in the dumps too, if for no other reason than reading her sad blog made me feel sad too. Love the lyrics you posted from The Beatles! 🙂

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