Red O My, O Meh, O(y) Vay!

I’ll admit it. I’ve got a geek crush on Rick Bayless

The man knows his way around a mole.

 Ever since I stumbled on his PBS show, I’ve wanted to try one of his restaurants. We’ve been waiting a little bit to try his new LA place–mostly to try to coordinate with some friends. We finally got it together for last night. We showed up here at 8ish for our 8:30p reservations (unheard of for us–we are usually stuck in traffic somewhere). 

Red O Restaurant

We waited outside next to the paparazzi (I’m not even kidding you) for our friends to show up while we watched people walk up to the bouncer at the door for admission to the restaurant. 

So let’s get down to it. 

O My: 

1. People seemed to love the apps (or savory snacks as they’re called on the menu) 

I didn’t take photos of everything and the lighting was not great but the faves were these: 

A plate of pork belly sopes and the sauce remnants of short rib sopes.

My fave snack was this: 

Corn and goat cheese tamales.

I wish they had a little more corn flavor, though. [It’s always something with me, eh?] 

I think my dining companians also liked these: 

Shrimp Taquitos

I don’t really do shrimp (they are the bugs of the sea) or taquitos so that was a no-go for me. They ate them all up though so they must have been pretty tasty. 

2. The Tinga Poblana dinner entree was a hit. Hubs said it was the best thing of the night. The description on the menu says: 

Braised Gleason Ranch pork shoulder & belly, homemade chorizo, roasted tomatoes, smoked chipotle, Yukon gold potatoes, avocado, queso fresco 

Tinga Poblana--O My indeed.

I tried a bite of potato and avocado with the sauce and it was really delicious with lots of layers of flava. 

3. I think the interior of the restaurant was pretty awesome. It had kind of a polynesian meets shabby chic flare to it inside, a front outdoor patio area for people to hang out and be seen (this is LA after all) and a tequila tunnel

Tequila tunnel--interesting but kinda kitschy.

4. Everyone loved their margaritas. Hubs got the Market Margarita

Fresh cucumber & honeydew melon muddled with agave nectar, Arette blanco tequila, lemon & lime juices. Served on the rocks. 

I tried a sip and it was actually pretty refreshing. 

O Meh: 

1. I ordered the tortilla soup with a side of black beans for my main and I didn’t even take a picture of it. It didn’t have the depth or the heat I was anticipating. They tried to add some dazzle to it all when they brought it to the table. They gave me a bowl with tortilla strips in it and then poured the soup into my bowl for me. The fact that we were in a banquet style table and I was on the inside made the procedure very strange overall. 

2. According to one of my dining mates, his tacos were just ok. 

The fixin's for skirt steak tacos and a pyramid of rice.

The fact that his plate looked similar to when he got it and when he was finished eating was a little telling. 

3. The valets all have to wear these really cheesy straw hats. The LA Times reviewer called said of their outfits: they wore embroidered guayabera and natty straw hats. That about summed it up I think. 

O(y) Vay: 

1. I hit the restroom before we sat down only to find that the two-stalled small space was being run by an attendant. I mean, really? She told me which bathroom to use and begrudgingly gave me a hand towel after I washed my hands. Talk about awkward and uncomfortable. 

2. There is a bouncer at the front door. Enough said. 

3. Either I didn’t get the memo on the dress code or I’m just not a whore. Most of the women in the place were sporting skin tight skimpy dresses. I’m not a prude by any means, but seriously, this is a Mexican restaurant people! 

4. Paparazzi. Yeesh. We heard they were casing the place because this guy was there: 

Elijah Wood. Aka: that little gnome guy.

Hubs’ nickname for him is that little gnome guy. Isn’t that sweet? 

All in all? A little trendy for my taste. I’m never gonna be a hipster and I don’t like to feel I’m being judged because I’m uncool. That’s my stuff, though. 

My Faux Pas of the evening (because with me, this is a given): 

When the first couple arrived, we hugged hello and I looked at Danny and he looked at me and looked at hubs. Nice beard, he said to me. I said, I know, he looks like a bear

The man with the beard.

Oh dear god. Danny is one half of Danny and Andrew. I totally meant this kind of bear: 

Hubs' big ol' beard reminds me of a bear.

Danny looked at me and said: drop him off in West Hollywood and he’d get raped in a second! 

I didn’t mean that kind of bear.



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3 responses to “Red O My, O Meh, O(y) Vay!

  1. OMG! Corn and goat cheese tamale..yum!!

    The little gnome guy HA! 5’6 is tall to me 🙂

    I hate when there are people in the bathroom like that. Then you feel obligated to give them a tip. I try not to make eye contact.

    • I was gearing up to give her a tip when she gave me this crappy attitude while handing me a towel. Talk about uncomfortable! I ended up tipping her with a “thanks” 🙂

  2. Wow. That’s quite fancy and California-ish! I’m on board with the bathroom attendant weirdness, especially if they have all those lotions and perfumes on the counter and little bowls of candy.

    I don’t think it’s bad you’re not a whore. As long as you enjoyed the food 😉

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