Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Yesterday was my last day at my part-time job. It was strange to pack up my tiny little office (I only needed one trip to the car) and walk away. I told my co-workers that it wasn’t goodbye, it is see you again. And I really meant it. These are good people and that is rare in these parts. 

Last week they threw me a going away party of sorts. They invited the hubs, too. It was a massive feast. They fired up the bbq just outside of the office and started cooking the korean bbq short ribs around 11am. The smell permeated the entire clinic. There was a feeling of excitement, too. The spread was impressive. 

Part of the spread: noodles, egg pancake with octopus, lettuce for the bbq and, of course, kimchi.


Korean style sushi rolls. One of my faves.


My (first!) plate loaded up with tasty goodness.


Self proclaimed "Soul Sistas" aka 2 of my favorite people at work.


It never matters how much I eat with these people, they always think I should be eating more. It feels very motherly in a way. I did the best I could and really felt I ate a good amount. I wasn’t even hungry for dinner that night! Hubs and I went for a classic DIY dinner that night because we were both so full from the lunch. 

Yesterday, I came home with my wall hangings and some random stuff that had accumulated over the last 3 years and felt some sadness. But overall, I think the Eagles capture my mood best. I did have a peaceful, easy feeling…. 

To celebrate my last day, hubs and I went for old school korean bbq (big surprise). Hey–it was a week apart from the luncheon! I was craving me some bi-bim-bap. And a taste of sake to make it a formal celebration. 

So freakin' delicious. I wish you could smell this.

That's right. We grilled at the table. I know. Totally authentic.

This was, hands down, the best we’ve ever made the b-b-b. The rice was crispy yet not burned with a good balance of mushrooms, pea shoots, cukes and spice. Good thing we didn’t have to share! I ate my entire bowl. 

Look at my tasty crispy rice.

I’m looking forward to expanding my business. It’s a little scary but somehow, even today, things are falling into place. This morning I was finally asked to join a group of docs for their weekly case conference (they are very intimidating (bright) and this, in my opinion, means that they think I’m alright). I’ve been meeting with them every other month for a quick meeting for a while now but had not been asked to be a regular.  

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can handle this new endeavor. I’m also very happy to have a long weekend. I need a break!  

Yogi says: 

Don’t let yourself down, anyone else down, or participate in a letdown.


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One response to “Peaceful, Easy Feeling

  1. That is quite the going away feast! Perhaps they thought they could lure you into staying, or at least satiate you so much you physically couldn’t leave. At any rate, while it’s sad to be leaving, it’s exciting to be moving on. The next time you see those friends it can be in a social setting with no professional stress to muck it up.

    And obviously you ARE brilliant if brilliant doctors are requesting your presence on a regular basis 😉 Have faith and go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

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