Thirsty For More

We watched this movie Friday night:

Korean Vampire movie

 It was fascinating and disturbing. And definitely a different cultural take on vampire movies. Somehow I managed not to have any nightmares that night–a wild feat for me. If you liked Let the Right One In, it’s worth a watch. The director of Thirst wasn’t fantastic with the editing though, as this movie seemed to go on and on (or maybe it’s me–anything over about 90 minutes and I start to get antsy). I wasn’t thirsty for more, though I did mostly enjoy watching it. 

Yesterday was the Michigan football opener. I wore my new good luck jersey (with a number 1 on it to commemorate one of my fave Michigan players Charles Woodson) and I gotta say, the team looked pretty good. I mean, I may even watch the next game. I’m thirsty for more. 

The Big House--Hail to the Victors indeed.

 I also finished this book yesterday: 


Even though mid-book I professed that I was “over it” and wasn’t really enjoying it (too much like the first book), by the end I was hooked. Oh Stieg, I’m thirsty for more. 

We heart books!

Last night we made an oldie but goodie: grilled tequila lime chicken with homemade spicy guac and pico de gallo, warm tortillas and a combo of spicy chips and oven-made chips. 

Homemade guac, pico de gallo and oven chips.

And because we only allow the opening of a coveted liquid gold bottle once a week and that usually occurs on a Sunday night (OCD anyone?), we tried this one with our fiesta: 

Almost as good as my liquid gold...what a surprise!

On first sip I thought, “too thin,” but as it spread over my palate, I realized there was a nice complexity to this organic stout. What a surprise indeed. I’m thirsty for more. 

Also in an unprecedented move, we watched another movie last night: 

French mob movie

Loved it! Ok, so I’m a sucker for mob movies. But I didn’t think this French movie would be the real deal. I was happily wrong. We found out later that this was actually the second movie in the series (much like the Godfather). The lead character was easy on the eyes and I loved the 1930s details. I can highly recommend this movie. And. I’m thirsty for more.  

This morning was our usual ritual of newspaper reading and pancake eating: 

Cowgirl breakfast--cornmeal pancake with agave, tahini, raspberries and fage yogurt and fruit cup

You know I’m thirsty for more of that goodness! 

And finally, in the spirit of the U.S. Open that we have been obsessively watching, we went out and smacked the ball around. Usually I end up feeling like the fatigued skinny girl after about 30 minutes. Today I played like a man for 60 and could have gone longer. Who am I? Definitely thirsty for more of that! 

The smile is deceiving because I wanna kick yo ass!

Are you thirsty for more? 


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  1. lowandbhold

    Haha, this post was hilarious. And that beer sounds very yummy.

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