Like Buttah

I don’t know what else to say. Roger Federer is like buttah. Every aspect of his game, down to his outfits (look at his logo) and hair: buttah

I will kick your ass and not even break a sweat.


He’s almost too pretty the way he flits around the court, calmly coming back from a love-40 game to win in mere seconds. If he weren’t so damn pretty, he’d be in my stable of backup boyfriends. You know, should anything ever happen to hubs….I could count on: 

I'm literally too sexy...


Tom Brady. Been a backup bf for a while now, since his good old days as a Michigan Wolverine

Then there’s this one: 

He's my rugged cowboy.


Brett Farve? Yes please. 

And to be honest, this one’s on both of our lists (that’s right, hubs has a backup bf list, too!): 

Not too shabby for a third string backup boyfriend

I mean, of course Brad Pitt is on the list. More specifically, Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Total buttah

Speaking of buttah butter, we recently switched back to the real stuff in an attempt to decrease the amount of foreign chemicals we eat. While I do sometimes miss the salty goodness of yogurt “butter” nothing is quite as good as the real stuff. Last night hubs made us some delicious grilled cheese sammies with mozz and muenster, a little swipe of butter, truffle salt, some home grown sprouts and an avocado mash I made with avocado, lemon zest and spices (duh, I guess). I was so hungry there was no time for a photo. You’ll have to trust me that is was buttah-licious

I’m off to yoga-fy my muscles into a buttah-fication state after a long day of sitting in a chair at work. 

Yogi says: 

Grace brings contentment. 

I wonder if Yogi is aware of butter and its ability to also bring contentment.



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4 responses to “Like Buttah

  1. So much I could say…
    First of all, I am a total athlete whore, and I mean that in the best way possible. I love sports and love athletes. Give me Yzerman over Clooney any day. But…I am a Rafa girl, not R-Fed. Brady is too “pretty boy” for me, so you can have him all to yourself 😉

    Fight Club is one of my favorite movies ever.

    I only use real butter and grilled Muenster cheese sandwiches with hummus and sprouts are delicious and one of my favorite lunches (when I’m in that phase.)

  2. I love that you are an athlete whore, too! Shanahan (aka Shanny) was my fave after Yzerman. Hubs is all about Rafa. While he is an awesome player, he’s just not as smooth as R-Fed. Fingers crossed though to see the two of them hash it out in the finals.

  3. Dude, Brad Pitt is MINE 😉

    I don’t think i’ve ever tried muenster cheese.

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