I’m Walkin’ on Sunshine

It took a while, but summer is finally here.  I know, summer is technically over, but the sun has decided to grace us with her presence for the last few days and today it is warm and beautiful outside. What a relief after a good 3 months of utter gloominess. What’s really crazy is how deeply this affects me. It’s like I’m a crack sun addict. My mood is a million times better. But this is the real equation:

Sun + Run = Euphoria

I’m a total endorphin junkie. When I run in the sunshine, especially on a perfectly blue sky day like today, I am high. I must have the spirit of a dog because I was totally living in the moment during my run this morning. Apparently, dogs always live in the moment. I am rarely able to live in the moment. Somehow I’m always thinking “what’s next?” Even on vacations. Sad but true. So the freedom of the moment is sacred for me.

My good mood started yesterday. I was walking home from work, basking in the sunshine when I saw my neighbor. He jokingly said, “Now what is that big bright globe in the sky?” I said, “Finally we have summer!” Commence enormous grin.

In a clever sort of twist to our now weekly romp with Bibimbap, hubs picked up some octopus for us to have instead of the usual short ribs. I wish I had taken a picture before we cut it up. Quite impressive. It looked a lot like this:

It may look odd but is extremely delish.

I also finally figured out why I love making Bibimbap so much. It’s like being a kid and doing a fun arts and crafts project. Before I eat it, I usually have that “Look what I made!” moment. And then I attack it.

Bits of octopus were a nice change from our usual.

The crispy goodness waiting to be eaten.

I hated it. Obviously.

Don’t be too surprised when we make this for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not even joking. I don’t think my s.i.l. will mind (we have her over every year for Thanksgiving). She’s usually up for some wild and crazy business (no turkey?!?! what?!?).

Yogi says:

Be proud of who you are.

Even if you’re freaky like me.


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