Planned Spontaneity

That’s right. You know I’m a big planner. I even plan my spontaneous stuff. Like Friday, I knew that I wanted to cook something new and different and had a few ideas but nothing concretely planned. Usually this drives me nuts, but I tried my best to go with the flow. 

The night before, hubs had come home with the stuff we needed for our bi-bim-bap. He also brought me a piece of sashimi. I decided to slice the sashimi and sprinkled the pieces with a little truffle salt, crushed sprouted pumpkin seeds and a wee drizzle of pumpkin oil. Talk about melt in your mouth! 

I’ve also been wanting to use these soy wrappers that I bought a while back. 

These are the actual brand that I used.


So earlier in the day I went to Bristol Farms and picked up some lump crab meat and some japanese-style pickled veggies with the semi-spontaneous idea of making crab-filled hand rolls. I ended up slicing up some cuke, mashing some avocado and using some of our home grown sprouts to fill the rolls. I gave hubs the sesame and original flavored wraps and I took the spinach. I couldn’t really taste the spinach but the inside was so good I didn’t really care. 

Hubs' better-looking soy wrapper handrolls with sashimi, heirloom tomato and sliced cukes.

In a true moment of spontaneity, I decided to steam some edamame to round out the meal. Here’s what we ended up with: 

Hubs' dinner.

My Japanese-style dinner.

And even though we’ve been talking about it all week, we hadn’t bought tickets to the play we were planning on seeing. Usually that means that we fizzle out after dinner and say we’ll go another night. But somehow, we managed to gather some strength and got ready to go out. You may remember the outfit I wore as something from a recent shopping trip: 

Moschino jeans and Alexander McQueen sweater.

It was actually cold enough to wear the sweater so I went for it.  Typically, for some strange reason, I tend to want to “save” new clothes, as if I’m automatically ruining it by wearing it. But then why did I buy it? I have this argument with myself all the time. Dumb, I know. 

We got to the theater and had no idea if we would even be able to buy tickets. Now this is, especially for us, totally insane. We NEVER go out without having tickets at least waiting for us as Will Call. But we rolled with it and had no problem getting the tickets for this play. I don’t know that I would recommend this play to most people. The reason I wanted to see Titus Redux is because way back in the day, I studied Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus and wrote my honors English thesis on violence and women. It is a horribly violent play and I was curious to see what the director would do about the rape and mutilation scenes (I know, what is wrong with me?). 

If you don’t know this play (and most people don’t–there is a reason for that), this is what Wiki has to say: 

“Titus Andronicus may be Shakespeare’s earliest tragedy; it is believed to have been written in the early 1590s. It depicts a Roman general who is engaged in a cycle of revenge with his enemy Tamora, the Queen of the Goths. The play is by far Shakespeare’s bloodiest work. It lost popularity during the Victorian era because of its gore, and it has only recently seen its fortunes revive.” 

Anyway, the play was….very interesting. The director (who also played a main character) utilized projected images and strange war flashbacks to tell the story. Actually, the director was the best actor in my opinion. The mother, Tamora, was played by this lady: 

Brenda Strong

All I could keep thinking of was an image of her in the bra with the blazer on that episode of Seinfeld. It made it tough to see her as the conniving and lusty Tamora. By the end of the play, it had degenerated into a true absurdist account of a family gone terribly, terribly wrong. So they sang Our House by CSN&Y and frolicked around the stage. I’m glad we went but I was equally glad when it was over. 

If you made it through this very dorky post, you are amazing! And you get a gold star for the day. As for me, I’m embracing what Yogi says today: 

Be proud of who you are.


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One response to “Planned Spontaneity

  1. Gold star to you for referencing her role in Seinfeld, as if you hadn’t I would have been spending the whole day trying to figure out where I knew her from. Anyway, you guys are so fancy! Check you out with the dinner and spontaneous play-date! It sounds a little violent, but I love Shakespeare, so I would have been game.

    Maybe go for a more “As You Like It” theme next time or something…:)

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