What started out as a pretty darn good day turned to a pile of steaming shit this afternoon. I got up and had a great workout, made it to work with time to eat breakfast (rather than inhale it) and my patients not only showed up but were also having good days.

Then I get a call from hubs. At first I thought, oh no, please don’t be stuck in Delaware. I wish now that that was the issue. But it wasn’t. Our pool guy had come by this afternoon to put in a new filter and called hubs in a panic after he found the screen from our first floor bedroom (the master) in the pool and the sliding door to our bedroom gaping open.

Then a chain reaction. Pool guy called the police. Hubs called me. Then I cancelled the rest of my patients and ran home (my office is blocks from the house). My heart was pounding as I saw the police car creep up the street. They had us step to the side “to be safe” while they entered the house. I was praying to god that no one was inside. That somehow would be even worse.

They didn't have to put up any caution tape today.

My prayer was answered and I was allowed to enter the house. Most everything looked untouched. Well, with the exception of the muddy footprints all over my bedroom floor and into the kitchen. Almost everything was nearly intact. Strange. My anniversary necklace with the floating diamond was still in the jewelry box (that was open) on the counter in our bathroom. My car still tucked safely in the garage despite the keys glaring at passersby on the kitchen counter.

I heart my mini! Thank god the bad guys didn't take it!

The only loss besides my sanity? My entire wallet. Well, let me be completely honest. My entire wallet minus the club cards for places like Rite Aid and Loehmanns. So my driver’s license, 2 atm (one personal, one business) cards, my main credit card and those for Bloomies, Macys and Banana. And of course, the 2 Starbucks giftcards I’d been hoarding so I could share with my Dad the next time I saw him.

I spent the next several hours on the phone cancelling everything. It sounds like the only things the robbers “bought” was $75 in gas and $18 on Amazon. Huh? I mean, come on. If you’re going to go through the trouble of  breaking into someone’s house and stealing their wallet, not even have the decency to leave my damn driver’s license, then you might as well woop it up better than getting some candy at the local Chevron. What is wrong with people? Talk about no creativity.

I’m still waiting for the fingerprinting people to come by to try and lift some prints. You can still see the black dusting on the frames of our sliding doors from the last attempted break-in. I can’t believe they got in this time. My sister’s theory is that it was an “inside” job. Our housekeeper was here this morning and she is the only one who would have opened the sliding door (usually to air out the room because she insists on using god-awful smelling and I’m sure toxic to boot floor disinfectant) and the bedroom window. It is usually Fort Knox with wooden dowels protecting every window and sliding door in the house.

Only effective if kept in place!

I’m glad hubs will be home in a few hours. I don’t think I’d sleep great tonight on my own.

Next up on our agenda: changing the locks and getting a new license. Ugh. I do not love the DMV experience.

There is never NOT a line.

Yogi says,

Happiness is nothing but total relaxation.

Oy. If that’s the case, who knows when I’ll have some happiness! I am nowhere near being relaxed.



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5 responses to “Violated

  1. People suck! Sorry you had to go through all that ugh…At least nothing was stolen that you can’t replace. Still sucks though.

  2. Oh my gosh 😦 What a horrible day. I hope you get to relax soon!!!

  3. First of all, what a pain in the ass. I would be so pissed that someone had the balls to come in and muddy up my carpet and touch my stuff that they would be smart to never make my acquaintance, as I would wig out on them. But in all seriousness, that would shake me up pretty good just knowing someone was there. Like April said, at least they were lame and didn’t do much damage. It could have been much, much worse.

    That might not help your peace of mind, but at least it will help with the concrete details and the loss factor. Hang in there and don’t let them break your spirit.

    • Thanks for the support. I LOVE that you used the phrase “wig out”–it totally made my day! It could have been SO much worse. Although I feel sort of naked without a driver’s license, it is kind of liberating at the same time.

  4. Bill Csimin

    I read about burglaries like this the other day. Apparently it’s pretty common for expensive things like jewelry and laptops to be passed on because of the added risk/effort involved in selling them afterwards. Also, did they buy something that had to be shipped from Amazon?

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