Rocky Mountain Way

Last weekend we went to visit my s.i.l. for a couple of reasons: we wanted to see her (of course!), we wanted to see the Aspens changing to gold, we wanted to see my s.i.l.’s classroom and house, and to get the hell out of dodge (especially after the burglary).

We got in late Thursday night and went straight to the hotel. The next morning we went down to check out the complimentary breakfast.

Hubs' hotel waffle with berries and whipped cream.

For me, making the waffle was more fun than actually eating it. Note to self: fake peanut butter is nas-tay.

My hotel breakfast: waffle, naner and ghurt.

In the afternoon, we headed over to see my s.i.l. S.i.l.’s school is brand-new. Her classroom is very eclectic and cool–just like her.

S.i.l.'s classroom.

S.i.l.'s classroom pet.

The kids love her lizard. They’re lucky to have such a cool teacher.

One of her kids' projects using a special photo program that can warp pictures. Very trippy.

Bubble boy.

My coolest teacher (Mrs. Carr) let us have cool ranch Dorritos parties if we earned enough points at the end of the week. But she was nowhere near as groovy as this (note the Axl Rose shirt).

Dancin' in the school gym.

Luxurious school mascot. Look at that stache.

Then we went to watch her coach the 7th grade volleyball team. We stopped at this drugstore to check out the merchandise because we were a little early. It was both frightening and disturbing to see this:

Part of the "drugstore" in Eagle, CO.

Apparently, it is hunting season.

Huntin’ season. That’s part of the rocky mountain way. But so is delicious food. S.i.l. took us to Atwater restaurant in Vail after the game (they won!). We had some pretty tasty food. For me, actually, the wine was the best part (wine-o anyone?). This was our favorite wine in Spain.

Muga reserva--one of the best Spanish wines ever.

S.i.l.'s dinner of trout, crispy green beans and duck and mushroom risotto.

Hubs' app: green chili with shredded pork.

My app: tomato soup vegetable stew with a dollop of creme fraiche.

Random veggie plate with asparagus, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and squash.

For some reason, hubs’ plate won’t download. He got the short ribs (big surprise) with bree mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts and butternut squash. I think his sides were the best part of the meal. Yum! All in all great company and a pretty good meal.

Have you been to Colorado? It is extremely dry. It kills me every time. I foolishly went to bed with wet hair only to wake up with this:

Colorado "fright wig" AKA: sweet mug shot

I know–I am totally gorgeous. Hubs thought my hair looked like a “fright wig.” I guess he married it. I’m not too worried about it.

Stay tuned for part two: hiking in Aspen. It was so beautiful.

Today Yogi said,

The greatest tool you have is to listen.

How smart is that?



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3 responses to “Rocky Mountain Way

  1. You know whats funny? My hair looks just like your mug shot when any humidity is in the air. It isn’t pretty…

    Dry air on the other hand makes me look like I just had my hair professionally dried!

    Funny post!!

  2. Bill Csimin

    Your s.i.l seems like an awesome teacher. Can’t wait for the aspen photos!

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