Glittering Gold

Life has been fast-paced lately. I am getting WAY behind in my blogging because too many trips and too little time.

So let’s get back to part II of our Aspen, CO trip. My s.i.l. is an awesome hiker and I always worry when we see her that I will hold the group up. But she is always really cool about my slowness. That’s how she rolls. I’ll be huffing and puffing away and she doesn’t appear to be sweating at all, but somehow, I never end up feeling bad about it. The altitude, on the other hand, does not care where your from, however.

She took us to hike the Maroon Bells in Aspen.

Beautiful shot of the Maroon Bells area in Aspen.

I don’t think the day could have been more beautiful.  Everywhere you turned, the Aspens were magnificent. When the wind blew just right it looked like the sky was shimmering. The best way to tell about this is to just show you.

On first glimpse of the trail. It doesn't look real it's so beautiful.

Getting ready to getterdun on the nearly 4 mile hike through the trees.

Peeking through the green to see the brilliant Aspens.

The hills are alive.

Glittering gold everywhere.

We took a picnic break near a little lake (the picture refuses to download for some reason) and munched on some apples, veggies, pretzels and cheese. The wind was whipping up pretty fiercely in that open clearing by the water and the strangest but most beautiful thing was that you could hear the wind before you felt it on your face.

After hiking for about 3 hours (we did another hike after the initial), we headed to our favorite pizza joint on the way back home. We split a mediterranean salad and I got an individual size gluten free pizza called Sun Dried Satisfaction. Good advertising because I was satisfied. I also had a bite of hubs and s.i.l.’s pizza which was hella deliciouso. They got the B.L.T. Twist. Let’s just say that there is cheese and bits o’ bacon baked into the crust. They were quite satisfied.

The next morning we had time for a little hike before heading back to La-La land. We went for about 45 minutes up a mountain we could walk to from my s.i.l.’s house. Pretty sweet. Near the end of the hike we passed what looked to be a Grandpa hiking with his granddaughter. She looked maybe 4 years old. As we passed, we heard her say, “They’re going fast!” And Grandpa said, “They have long legs–and so will you when you’re grown up.” At this point I was thinking, how sweet. And then we heard her say, “Not her. Her is small.”

I am her. Rock on small people of the world.


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  1. That scenery is GORGEOUS!!!

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