Green Onions

Not the food. The song. You know the one–by Booker, T and the MG’s?

Sweet hair.

It’s sort of a laid back cool groove that can’t be bothered with lyrics. It was just on the radio and it was the perfect song to help me groove into the weekend. It has been a looooong week. In a nutshell:

We had friends for dinner and I made this for dessert:

Cheese plate for dessert: raw goat, cow and sheep along with crackers, truffle honey, grapes, apples and candies.

Don’t hate the cheese plate for dessert. This tray included a very special cheese made with truffles. I know, I’m a total truffle whore. But who cares? It’s delicious.

On Wednesday, I put on my big girl britches and headed downtown after work for a medical malpractice conference. Who wouldn’t love a 3 hour tour of cover-your-ass information? Me. That’s who.

This might be why people “love LA.”

A street filled with clowns and cops. I'm not even kidding. Welcome to LA on a typical Wednesday evening.

That’s right. Clowns and cops. And yes. They caused a nasty traffic jam thank you very much. That one clown was trying to stare us down but I took the picture anyway and gave him a wink and a wave. The other (cool) clowns waved back. Not the freaky one, though.

Back to the story.

To soften the blow of this midweek meeting, hubs decided to join me downtown for dinner. And what a tasty dinner it was. I heart Wurstkuche. They know how to get it done. They even have my Imperial Stout on tap there. Beer on a school night? I know, I’m SO crazy.

My veggie italian, his duck and bacon and shared fries with chipotle aioli and blue cheese and bacon dipping sauces.

Let me preface this by saying that the only kind of fries I usually like are the ones that I bake in my oven at home. But these. These are ridiculous. I’m pretty sure they are fried twice for extra crispy goodness. The best part? The chipotle aioli dipping sauce. The fries are good on their own but become vehicles for the aioli. Salty vehicles.

When the last fry was gone, it was time to truck over to the downtown Marriot for my meeting. I ended up seeing a woman from my medical school class (thank god for name badges) and another woman from my internship. They both said I looked the same. I don’t care for those kinds of comments…I definitely don’t take it as a compliment.

I’m pretty sure the woman giving the lecture had whooping cough. She also weighed close to 400 pounds. The whole evening was just unpleasant. On my way out, I spotted this woman gimping towards the elevator:

Meg Whitman. She looked sort of broke down. I would be too if I were a politician.

One last stop that night was to see my hubs’ cousin at this place called the wulf. He was playing a concert at his loft. Let’s call it experimental, or even better, experiential, music. Very ambient. I almost fell asleep. It was time to go home.

Yesterday I survived this:

The line was longer than this.

Thank god I had an appointment. 30 minutes later I was outta there with a piece of paper stamped with a seal that says I have a new license coming my way (that’s right, I’ve been driving around with only a passport since the burglary last month). I didn’t even feel traumatized, which I totally expected and had mentally prepared for.

By last night, I’d had it. So we settled for a quick, yet delicious dinner.

Easy-peasy gazpacho and truffled-out grilled cheese. Yes please.

We used the leftover truffle cheese from the weekend and it did not disappoint.

(Green) heirloom tomato gazpacho with tasty avocado niblets.

We had one last cucumber from the garden to use and it was just right for the soup.

Unfortunately we tried this new beer (I promise I’m not an alcoholic):

Blue Frog Imperial Stout aged in red wine barrels. So it is possible to make stout nas-tay.

Run away as fast as you can. Do not try this. Stout + red wine = yuck-o. How you can F-up Imperial Stout is beyond me. My only question for this brewery is: WHY?!?

So you see, I needed the groovy song tonight to get into the weekend mode after my long week. Not a whole lot planned for the weekend, but I think I made up for that with all of the shenanigans this week.

Yogi says,

You must know that you can swim through every change of tide.

Even if it involves the DMV. Is it sad that I’m proud of myself for going to the DMV alone?



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5 responses to “Green Onions

  1. i have to go to the dmv soon, and i’m making my husband go with me (he needs a new license too, so i’m not just crazy. but i am making him stay home from work to do it-he works an hour away). so you get a gold star for going alone.

  2. Don’t hate me, but I have never had “truffle.” In fact, to me truffle means a chocolate confection. You are so fancy! 😉

    The last time I went to the DMV it seriously only took 15 mins (and they don’t let us make appts here.) Most of the time it’s a seriously distrubing study in humanity, but not the last time. Glad you made it through and yes, thank god for nametags. Oy.

    • Chocolate truffles are delicious too. Truffles otherwise are something that I lack the vocabulary to truly describe. Once you smell and taste it, you will know (and love) it 🙂

      The DMV here is like a third world country. It’s dingy and dirty, you don’t hear much English being spoken and lots of babies crying. I’m not sure why I think that is like a third world country but I do.

  3. mmm Wurstkuche. good call!! i love that place. we sat next to will ferrel once 🙂

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